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Anson Cheung

Regarding Co-existence with FTX Global and OpenLC

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Anson Cheung

Dear Chris,


Greetings! Considering to make the purchase of Black Marble NG Prepar3D v4 base + vector, I would like to make sure I get things right. 


Currently I have FTX Global base pack (WITHOUT VECTOR) and OpenLC Europe installed in the sim. Should I do any extra steps, like deleting BGL files, in order to get Black Marble NG base + vector worked fine with them?


Also, I would like to set my expectation reasonably right. May I know if, with default settings in Black Marble, my sim will have large FPS drop with major addon scenery in the market especially in Europe? I have a 6700k overclocked @4.6GHz and GTX1080Ti in my PC. I know it depends but I just want to get a estimated result.


Thank you very much for your pre-sale support.


Best Regards,


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Chris Bell

welcome to our forms Anson :)
delete files? we never instructed our user to delete any files ever! 
we have a walk through how to pre set your orbx setup using FTX Central controls, 


there is no way anyone can estimate your performance, even with high end specs there is no such thing as static performance across the board,

that will varey on many aspects and can never be predicted; but... you do have all the controls you need to make BMNG out perform any lighting system when comparing 1:1

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