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how to post your images

Chris Bell

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there are several ways you can post images on our site
the first and obvious option is to post your image directly in your post
to do so simply drag your image to the area shown below (or you can click on "Choose Files" and brows for files)

after your files are added, click on the + sign to insert them into your post


the second option is to use gallery option which is now enabled for our members :)
creating an album in Gallery is simple and offers some additional benefits
once an image is placed in a Gallery album you can reuse it in other posts,
you can select your album from the drop down list (Orange arrow)
or use the menu item wizard on the right(Blue arrow)
the Green arrow is pointing at another way to display you album images as a slide show


Using "Insert other media" option (Blue arrow) then "insert Gallery" will allow you to select individual images from your gallery album
when using the Album list (
orange arrow) you can select a complete album set to display in your post

the slider view (green arrow) is a cleaner way to display multiple image in a single window
every image in the album will be displayed with 5 second delay between,
the manual code for the album is shown below


the first bracket -> [ gallery1100x640] <- thats your image window size
the second bracket
-> [album]ID[/album] <- every albums unique ID number goes here
the last bracket
-> [/gallery] <- closes the slider code; 
which is now ready to post and slide through your entire album images


so now how do we setup a gallery album?
follow these steps to create your first gallery album :)

from the top navigation menu select Gallery tab, on Gallery page click on add an image (on the right)


In the popup the comes up; select the category where the images will be posted in
(if you done specify an album later; thats where your images will be posted in); select Members Albums category and click continue



on the next page you can start uploading you images; you can drag all of them at once and drop into to the drop zone shown below,
or you can click on "Choose files..." and brows for images to be uploaded,
after your images have completed uploading; click continue at the bottom of the page



Important Step!!! this is where we create the album where images will reside in, click on "+Create and album"


in the next popup window that comes up; give your new album a unique name to identify it; and click continue,


you will return the the previous page;
note the image information has changes and now indicating the image belongs to an album,

click finish on the right hand side, (you may receive at this point an alert from the system; saying you didnt add descriptions to the images, you can safely ignore that and click continue; the image description can be added later if you want or right before you click finish)



the system will now save your files and create your new album


in the next page you will be taken to your new album;
please note: in the address bar you will see the album name you used; with a number right before it, (orange arrow)
this is the album ID you need to use when setting up a slider effect (as mentioned above)



you can create as many albums as you want; there are no restrictions,
to make slider effect more efficient; its best to group your images each in a separate album sets for each event,
you can add images to existing album later; and all images will automatically be added to your sliders everywhere

if you do not select and create a new album, or add new images to an existing album;
your images will be uploaded to the root of "Members albums" category (unorganized)


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slider example:







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