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About Night Environment X Configuration Manager (NEXM)

Chris Bell

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Night Environment X Configuration Manager (NEXM)
Night Environment X Configuration Manager (NEXM) represents over 4 years of cumulative efforts; developing night lighting system designed specifically for flight simulation platforms,
Combined with our new Night Environment v2 architecture; the new manager allows our end users to custom fit their night lighting system to their specific preference
with great wealth of controls and enhancements,

The new manager offers full interface support in 3 languages, English us.jpg, French fr.jpg, and German gr.jpg (Click any flag to download NEXM mannual in your preferred language).



You can configure all features for all Supported Platforms from a single interface



You can configure all features for all Supported Regions from a single interface



you can select from a Pre-configured Preset for a quick start
Once your platform is selected, and region loaded;



a Great wealth of features and settings will be available for each region specifically. (Click on the image below for full Main Region Preview)



Some regions may offer an additional dedicated Subregion configuration for individual cities or capital



a Sub Region will have its own full set of functions separate from the main region. (Click on the image below for full Subregion Preview)



Each Main Region has a “General Settings” section; this section applies features globaly to the Main Region and Subregions
Features such as - 3D Light Size, Light Intensity , 3D Ball Shape, Lateral Lighting, and Cars with Light Beams, are configured and set globally through this control section

Global Light Size - sets the size of the 3D light ball
Light Brightness Level - sets the intensity of the selected 3D light ball
StartLights - turns on a 3D star light shape ball
Lateral Lighting - turns on lateral light beam reflecting a beam downward from each 3D light ball
Cars Light Beam - this feature adds a double light beam to cars



Every main region or Sub region will have a “Fine Tuning” section,
In this section we can fine tune individual vector lighting features
You can use the “All Below” slider to mover all functions in this group together;
You can set an individual feature to OFF; or set each feature individually to a specific density level,




The extended manual (clickable from the menu bar) will have detailed information about each feature in this section and its global impact.







In “Special features ON/OFF” section we can fine tune individual features On or Off, There’s no gradual option available with these features; they simply turn on or off.
Many of these features will enrich night lighting with Vivid Colors often expected with the specific feature, like Green lights to identify Pharmacies
or Alternating Traffic lights where expected, and much more



Car Traffic” section can activate complimentary vector road traffic we feel add to the general feel and look of our Night Environment system,
these features can all be turned on/off at once with All Traffic function (First option in the section), or turned on/off individually



in “Night Map” section are global regional function dedicated to managing our vector based night textures used with our 3D lighting System,

Night Texture Splash map” - is a global function that turns our custom vector based Night Textures ON/OFF,
turning our Custom made night textures off will allow default FSX/P3D or any third party add-on night textures to work with Night Environment 3D lights system.

Night Texture Splash Rustic map” - when this special function is activated (switched on),
we will switch off light for parts of the roads in many areas that don’t have lighting system installed in real life,
Switching this function to ON will completely turn off (3D lights and Splash) for roads in the region we identified as Unlit Roads in real life;
achieving a more realistic and higher fidelety to real life night scene.


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Where can I download this Night Environment X Configuration Manager ? regards Constant Edited by Constant
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Hi Constant,
NEX Manager is included with regions that have been updated to v1.7 and up,
it is part of the installer and cannot be downloaded or run with older versions of NE,

the new installer will check to see if NEXM is installed, if not it will automatically add the application,

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  • 3 months later...

Hi Chris Is there a list of updated v1.7 regions ? The reason for the question is a have quite a few of Night Enviroment regions and was wondering if there is any updates available for them.

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Hi Chris,

  Do I have to re-purchase the product again if I already have the product to get the v1.7 updated product or is there an upgrade to v1.7 with no additional cost?  Thanks

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there are no additional costs to obtain v1.7!
it should be available at your preferred distributor you originally purchased from,

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Hi Chris,

Does the previous Night Enviroment eg. Dubai have to be uninstalled before the new v1.7 can be can be installed.

                                                                                                                                                                               Thanks in advance for you're time.Best regards

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yes Greg v1.0/1.1 must be uninstalled first,
all our v1.7 regions are not an update; its a completely new product!

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Hi Chris,

 I have a quick question if I may,do you think I should wait until the v 1.8 comes out before I go ahead and change to v1.7 and is NEXM available now?

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you should go ahead and update now,
NEXM is part of v1.7 and comes with it; you don't need to get it yourself,

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