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Night Environment Global Region list and Current Coverage Map

Chris Bell

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Hello Chris, I'm quite new with Night Environment. Just about to purchased Dubai Night Environment Product. I'm really enjoy it, very wonderful night experience.
Do you have a plan to do Night Environment for Thailand too? :)
There're still 2 active developer in Thailand, who still continuing build new airport scenery. Also a new comer, who still making a photoscenery for Thailand scenery.
Is there any possible for for Night Environment for Thailand ?

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ideally we would like to cover the whole globe with Night Environment regions;
we will cover Thailand under Black Marble project very soon,

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So Chris. Congrats on British Isles Steam Edition. Are you still telling me to stay positive after YET another two months? And still no specifics? This is the last post I do here. Cannot take this company serious anymore. I really liked it but dont like being lied to for so long. It's pathetic. Sorry Chris

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Thank you Ole,

i do feel you mate!

yes... i believe you should stay positive,

think about it... this may encourage AS to catch up!?


either way this is not the end of the rope;
there is more to come from Chris Bell Creative Design Studios in the near future ;)
(maybe its our own shop...  B| )


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As I understand thing, you've stated that the Scandinavian regions are updated but Aerosoft are responsible for actually releasing them to the public. Are you saying that your new shop will circumvent the hold ups caused by Aerosoft?

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Hi Martin, welcome to our forums,

i didn't say our shop will circumvent Aerosoft's shop,

we will be publishing under our own name as independent publisher,

our shop will be a direct outlet with no middle man, Aerosoft will always be our good friends,



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  • 11 months later...

HI Chris.


I just saw that you have a version 1.8 of Denmark in Night Environment. But when I look in my JustFlight purchases, and try to re-download my copy - it still says v1.0. So - no update for me? ever? Just to be sure.


Kind regards


Ole Andreasen

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good to see you Ole :)
you are correct as for the new version,
we no longer publish through Aerosoft, the titles you are seeing are much older versions distributed through Aerosoft to all its subsidiaries,

we do offer a special promotion for our existing customers,



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Well Chris. So after all this time - all these years now - I was right to begin with. You just led me on and on - just wait a little longer Ole, good things will come to you SOOOON.

And in the end I am still left with version 1.0 of Denmark, purchased from Just Flight.


You should have gone for law school Chris. All those fancy words about how it´s all the others´ fault. But in the end of the day. I purchased YOUR product and now you don´t want to have anything to do with me.


Thanks for nothing.

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im sorry you feel this way Ole!

we always did our part, it is Aerosoft who was the publisher and as such they were provided all required updates at the time,

those were never delivered; there is only so much we can do when we are published through Aerosoft!
it is not us who forgot you or neglected our customers; it is Aerosoft doing!

don't pass judgment on us when we did all we could to deliver some of these updates;

which were not published for financial reasons made by... you guessed it, none of us!

the result of that neglect you see today; we are still here aren't we?

your beef is not with our new publisher is with our old one!

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Same speech every time someone dares to speak up Chris. I don´t really care who is to blame here. That legal disputes is of no interest to me. I am "just" a customer caught in the middle of two mud-throwing parties, who blame each other.

But Chris - when you have gotten the serial codes from Aerosoft - then why not let us who paid your success on NE, the ones of us who got squashed by the dispute send in a screenshot of our sales tickets, and the serials? Then you compare to the ones you got - and let us upgrade to the extend it was intended by the updates you sent to Aerosoft?


Cant be that hard - and man would you gain on the goodwill account...


The way you do it now, you loose a number of customers. People who supported you, and that you could update at ZERO cost, as it´s only digital downloads - but don´t you think they would become happy customers and probably add more of your products in return? Now I see people saying what I say too - that I can certainly live without NE, when this is the way you treat us, the customers - eh excuse me - not YOUR customers I know - but that´s the exact problem isn´t it?

And this is a lose-lose situation Chris. We ALL lose. But you could rectify the situation easily and FREE - and hey - most likely make quite a few bucks from the effort as a bonus.


I fail to see why you act so conclusive and, in my opinion, arrogant about this.

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Ole you are not speaking up nor being respectfully!

you are being a bully with your attempts belittling our ways!
lets call a spade spade first!

you never bought or paid us or any publisher for a v4 installer or support!

im sorry but its not just a "digital download"!

its two years worth of work due to Aerosoft shenanigans!

i had to spend all the money i earned working with them to build this so you can come here and give us shit?

Aerosoft screwed us and you as a customer and thats a fact, PERIOD!

we tried to rectify what they did to our work, and we don't own or have anything to do with their installers, these are new installers we created from scratch!


Aerosoft are great for you as a buying customer but they simply kill their devlopoers

getting you used to free updates and support on our hard working expenses and the premise they will make more sales which they don't,

they force us to literally GIVE our work for free!!! we did for all the iterations of LM FSX SE and FSX, for many years!

our request to update our work were never meet as our contract specify; instead they push us the little developer to the corner forcing us to give our work for free for years,

which make their customers happy and ready for a new purchase on our expenses!!!


il make a deal with you, ill switch our work model happily,

bring me skilled professionals willing to work for free and we will adjust accordingly,

till than we have families we need to put dinner on the table just like any other responsible adult!


and by the way, you never paid for a v4 update or support from us or anyone else for that matter!

you are banking on  4 year old software you originally bought for FSX and were lucky to get updated for free for the past 4 years!


we are not arrogant we are very humble group of people;

we don't ask much for our work and we support our customers like no ones business!!!


all the while every single one of us has and still contributes to the community freely on top!
you will find us on Arno's (who's pivotal member of our group) FSDEV forums helping other developers as well while we do our work on top and tale care of our families,

we all also have a day job on top mind you!


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Chris. I never asked for P3Dv4 updates - read my post. I don´t even own P3D v4.

I asked for the update you yourself told me I would eventually get - the 1.7 installer FOR FSX that you said (and I have no reason to doubt that) that you sent to Aerosoft.


Aerosoft are NOT my idols, I can assure you of that - but I do NOT like the fact that you keeps gliding off on the humble wish to get the updates that YOU claimed I would eventually get.


Nothing more, nothing less.


Enough said Chris. I shall not mention this again. I can live without NE and be happy.


Have a happy Christmas.

Edited by oleandreasen
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im sorry Ole, we have done everything in our power,

just like i told you! i was promised these updates will be published but they never did!

none of us here own Aerosoft or even a board member there,

i can show you over two years worth of emails asking for these updates which never got through accept the titles they decided got updated,


their neglect toward us and our customers was and still unacceptable, this didn't slide through with no one noticing!

we have answered and set the record straight for that matter we are here!

with our own shop and we now control the chain of distribution,


we never got any customer list, just a bunch of keys with no names or title, or anything we can make any sense or use of!!!


just a little advice, you should try discussing such sensitive topics in private,

there's more leeway than in public chatter,


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