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Chris Bell

Clarification regarding Traffic Pack!


I know many of you are waiting patiently, this to say the least been waging on us heavily since we became aware,

These are not the news I wanted to deliver; I’ve been holding off for so long in the hopes we will find a solution before it had to come to this announcement,

the reason we are holding this release is not because the pack is not ready, in fact it is ready and has been posted to our servers!




it is currently unlisted due to a bug in our manager which fails to activate/deactivate traffic data files,   

we have no choice but to hold it back until a solution is found; instead of releasing the product with minimal controls (sim traffic density slider),

this is a significant pack as many of you are well aware; it also has many updates in the future,

traffic impact in sim is heavy and proper controls must be in place and solid!

further disappointing our customers is out of the question!


It was all working as expected but broke somewhere as we compiled our final manager build,

We didn’t realize it was in effect until we already announced it; by than beta testers already brought the issue to our attention,

We planned on releasing all packs one by one with small time window between for integration,

The promo we run pre-sale was a bundle deal that included Traffic Pack at the time,


i know it is not the answer you all wanted to hear but it is the current situation,

to make things even more complicated; our former in house DotNet developer had to leave due to other engagement conflict,

we are looking for a replacement but it is not an easy task!


this was unintended bug we discovered after everything was already out!

this frustrating to everyone here as well, we want the pack released more than anyone of you guys want to run with it!

we hope that you all continue to have faith and trust in us,

We are working on resolving the issue, the pack will be released eventually,

There is no need to ask when; I promise as soon as we have any news in that regards I will update you all!


Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience,

We thank you all for patience and understanding,


Best regards,


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Posted (edited)

ok now i know whats going on


ps sorry i broke all ur lights above on this page my apologize

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It is 7 months and a day since I purchased traffic pack. It has been a while since you updated the status were are you now with it?

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Chris Bell

you participated in our discounted pre-order sale for Black Marble line!
the status didn't change as mentioned above, when it will we will notify everyone!
currently we are waiting on a new team member to take the lead over our manager code development,

as it stand we should start coding somewhere in march or as soon as he is able to complete his current engagement,  

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