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Black Marble

Chris Bell

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Black Marble is coming!!!

You’re all probably wondering what is Black Marble all about…
let me shade some light
^_^, Black Marble is the missing link in Night Environment,
You can look at it as Night Environment light weight Global sibling,

With Black Marble we convert Sim’s native night environment worldwide to match visually our full Night Environment regions,
This is our worldwide Global “filler”, no matter where you go around the world;
our trusted night rendition with our signature will be there in its light weight form and full Night Environment  glory,

Don’t be fooled by the use of the words “filler” or “light weight”; Black Marble still carries a serious punch!
Black Marble and Night Environment are designed to work and integrate together seamlessly!

With added vector data Black Marble steps it up further more replicating real world grid and layout; with our new worldwide road network vector data we built,
This allows for real world navigation training at night anywhere in the world; and full data grid replication to match our Full Night Environment flagship regions ,
Night Environment regions are our flagship and as such will always be needed to overcome certain scenarios such as Photoreal based environment etc...

With Black Marble (Marvel) We bring in new technology developed in-house to deliver native Sim night environment integration (Native is key here!!!),
Black Marble integrates real world data as well as native Sim data to render a true night worldwide with unparalleled modularity,
With our new technology we
can seamlessly add to Native Sim existing architecture; recent (March 2016) and up to date vector data!
This means you will have real world road data anywhere on the globe that visually matches our Night Environment full regions almost 1:1,

The ultimate combination! one product renders the whole world to look very much like Night Environment full packed regions,
For those areas where you enhance your environment further with Photoreal and other elements requiring a higher level lighting system with extended textures, accuracy and fidelity,

A trusted full Night Environment region will be there to cover your night properly unobstructed by any other elements,

Did I mention the best part... this is all controlled via NEXM convenient GUI…










Black Marble is now available for Pre-Order  from our Shop
with a 25% introductory discount!!!

Black Marble Base $29.99 USD $39.99 USD

Black Marble Vector Pack $44.99 USD $59.99 USD

Black Marble 3D Bridge Pack $22.49 USD $29.99 USD

Black Marble Traffic Pack $22.49 USD $29.99 USD



Black Marble Base is our framework which enables Black Marble magic worldwide,
Black Marble Base framework delivers integration with existing native Sim Vector data,
coupled with controlled and changeable lighting system through our GUI manager,
our Vector Pack Enhances the whole world road network in native Sim format,
the data we add is up to date as of 2017, it is 1:1 accurate and can be used for real world navigation!
we included all available road types Sim will natively recognize worldwide,
our 3D Bridge Pack takes every bridge anywhere in the world and turn it into a 3D model,

these are full fledged XML bridges that will appear over Photoreal beside landclass terrain,
with our Traffic Pack you can add traffic in both direction to any Vector roads anywhere in the world!
no more empty and lonely roads! you can enable/disable traffic based on our categorized road type worldwide!


Sim Default
Black Marble Base
Black Marble Base.jpg
Black Marble Base + Vector

Night Environment


Expected Release date Aug 2,2017

Black Marble website -
(link can also be access from our navigation bar at the top)

With regards,
Chris Bell and The Creative Design Studios Team.

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Florida, USA



London, United Kingdom



Düsseldorf, Germany



Zurich, Switzerland



Moscow, Russia
Shown with Volumetric Lighting



Amsterdam, Netherlands
Top down view over Schiphol Airport.


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Hi Chris,


Been busy looking for a new house, been offline for the most part... they look amazing!.

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11 hours ago, rsvette12 said:

OMG Chris - man this is going to be epic my Friend :D

Thank you Rich,
Black Marble is as revolutionary as Night Environment is,

9 hours ago, Michael_B767_ATP said:

they look amazing!.

Thank you Michael

8 hours ago, Holgi said:

I'm curious what all still coming!

how's it going Holgi :)
the list of features and new functions we will bring with Black Marble is long,
we are actually considering to limit some of the new function to avoid overwhelming our end users,

Black Marble is very modular and extremely flexible with literally endless option to draw the night anyway you wish,
some of the new functions and features were still not listed; we will publish these very soon as well,

ill mention this...
you can expect worldwide road network with traffic everywhere!
cars with volumetric lights at night, and much more...

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my apologies Gents,
there was an issue posting here; this has been fixed now,

Thank you André for bringing this to my attention,

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This looks like a great global enhancement to the sim. It will definitely keep me happy until I see more dedicated NE regions.


And oh, keep those screenshots coming!

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Guest Marble

Hope the settings will allow you to get the streets bathing in a real 'orange' glow. Looking good and a great coverage option as I cant afford all the night environment areas so this will really be a big deal for me.

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Black Marble includes in its arsenal a brand new 2016 worldwide road network vector data!
the controls we provide are extremely refined; you will be able to draw the night in anyway you wish,


black marble is like a painters brush,,

you are the painter, Black Marble is your brush, and the night is your canvas,

use Black Marble magic paint on your brush; you can do draw the night to your specific liking,

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There's something cooking in the cooking pots , a real transformatin of the sim like in xplane , greets

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Looks great Chris !

Can't wait to purchase it ...


btw : are you the twin of Michael ...? ( you are having the avatar from Michael S. ) 

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Thank you Saldo :)
i don't think i know Michael, coincidentally we may have resembling avatars 9_9

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the system is built and ready,

we are currently working on the GUI and manager elements

roughly we are looking at 4-8 weeks give or take :)

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As a person who lives 15 minutes away from Schiphol, i love the view!

The roadlights match perfectly!

Buzzing for the BeNeLux update!

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Question ... if this product are release by Aerosoft ... why there is not topic start on the "previews of unreleased products" forum on A.S. ???

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Aerosoft are very interested and will likely to be the publisher for Black Marble,

they have not yet received a beta copy,

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On 4/30/2016 at 1:08 AM, Chris Bell said:

Aerosoft are very interested and will likely to be the publisher for Black Marble,

they have not yet received a beta copy,


All i know is that everything involved Aerosoft tends to take very long time till we see a product... hope its not going to be in this case.

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