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Chris Bell

Night Environment France - Review!!!

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Chris Bell

Night Environment France
by: Mutley's Hangar - John Guest

The night environment range of nocturnal scenery upgrade products has been with us for some time now.
We have seen Night Environment coverage in Europe and the USA as well as in a few other popular destinations such as Dubai and Israel. Those of us who live and fly in Europe have been especially fortunate with the coverage area.
We have seen a rapid spread of the Night Environment offerings throughout Western Europe with the result that most countries in this area are now covered.

The exception to this coverage has been France. Night Environment France is now with us, and its long time coming is for a reason.
It promises to be an improvement over all of the other areas offered to date. The obvious difference, noticeable before installing it,
is that it is a version 2.x product. At the time of writing this review, all other Night Environment products are version 1.x products.
So, let’s have a closer look.

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