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AVSIM Advisory!!!

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Hi Everyone,


Back in the day AVSIM, Flightsim and a few others were a must have in the 80's, 90's and what not. We didn't have access to Microsoft for the most part, nor were we part of the development process... Until the end of the run, but by then it was too late.


If you are a Prepar3D user, you have access to the developer... so, these types of flight sim specific third party sites are not as important as they were back in the day. Now it's for advertising, chit-chat, help for Microsoft (FS9, FSX) products, those that don't go to L/M for support and support for third party providers that don't run their own online forum.


For those that have been flying for some time, it's more for chit-chat than anything else.

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The main draw for me to third-party sites such as Avsim or was the file libraries. I've noticed what I consider to be a seismic shift in the flight simming world (certainly for the ESP-based platforms), is that there no longer appears to be a large number of highly dedicated (and very generous) individuals ready to give up their time to produce freeware. This is very likely due to the high level of quality products demanded of, and delivered by commercial developers, leaving simple freeware modelling and use of default textures to be considered as unacceptable by simmers.
Add in the number of developers hosting their own very active forums (see this site as an example) and you can clearly see what causes third party site traffic to dry up. To mitigate this, a close relationship with one developer with an agreement to censor criticism or censor information of other developer products, could be the only method of their short-term survival.

What really will be the death knell for these sites is a one-stop shop where simmers can purchase certain developers' payware, access a central cloud location for all of their purchases and updates, download freeware from a resource library, share configuration presets, log user flights, access a cloud-based hangar, discuss flight sim related topics on a forum, and more. That is exactly what has been developed and is apparently just months away from launch.

Clamping down on discussion topics and removing links to other legitimate flight sim-related websites for more information will only hasten the fall in site visitors. Ah well, as is always the case, those who look forward and are willing to positively engage with customers are the ones who survive and thrive.

Mike, a Tandy 1000? That was already old when I first used it, and that was a very long time ago! :D

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12 hours ago, HighBypass said:

(...) Now whilst there is a donor system, (...)



First off, I can't believe my two very first posts ever in Chris' forum are just ranting and raving!   xD


But that particular point had me thinking a bit. How do the donors feel, when an AVSIM mod - an "individual" member of a board of three directors - shuts down their discussions and removes links to their freeware resources, particularly the ones for X-Plane?

If I had been a donor over there, I'd probably feel ... not so good about it.


But I'll leave it at that. Need to prepare my approach into TNCM now ...   :)

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