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n p feheley

nick feheley

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n p feheley

hi just brought black marble with base pack , vectors

but cannot find my downloads for 3d bridges and traffic pack

have sent a support request

where can I find them I have checked on manage my orders

can find the license codes for these but no download links

can any one help please

thanks again n.p.feheley

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Chris Bell

Thank you for supporting our Work Nick, welcome to our forums :)
we currently haven't released extended Black Marble Packs accept Vector for v4,
we will be releasing those shortly; when downloads are ready we will notify all our customers as well as announce here on our forums,



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n p feheley

I activated black marble yesterday I seem to have a

problem with graphics display as you will see in the

attachments I will include don't quite know why this

is happening I have p3d v4 , mega scenery earth v3 files

and fs global next generation ultimate installed,

I deleted all black marble and have now just installed the

base pack and have got the same problem I have attached

my screen shots for you also any help would be greatly

appreciated thanks










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Hi Nick. Are the graphics anomalies only apparent in the Megascenery area?

Have you tried in a FTX Global area?

The reason I ask is that I don't think that BM displays on Photoscenery. Chris will no doubt confirm or deny that point.

BM is different in that it is a LandClass type addon, and photoscenery does not have LC as it is actual photographs.

Night Environment will work on top of your Megascenery.

Test BM in  non Megascenery area and report back please, and for the test purpose, reinstall BM Vector prior to testing.

 I also suggest you save your pics as jpeg as they are smaller in data size and you can drag them to the point down below here where it says Drag files here to attach, or Choose files 

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