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On 07/07/2017 at 6:13 PM, Chris Bell said:

our site is secured and all communication are made over SSL with our valid certificate over a secure encrypted connection!!!

Oh I completely understand that. I apologize if my post made it sound like I wasn't impressed by the security standards of your shop. I have full faith that you and your team would have taken all possible precautions in making sure every inch of that shop is secure. I just feel I'm much better off using PayPal as a centralized payment system for all my online purchases. We'll see what options are offered when Black Marble is finally put up for sale as I'm sure most of the users have been waiting week after week for just that. 

I presume your new products will only be offered in your store and no other reseller will stock them, so if PayPal isn't offered, I will have to buckle in and probably use one of those prepaid cards to make the purchase. 

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