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Black Marble NG Compatibility.


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Just stumbled across your products today.

I am using P3Dv5.3 HF1 Update 1.

I’m wondering about the compatibility of BM NG with ORBX Global products and ORBX regional sceneries.
I have ORBX Global Base and Vector, though currently stopped using Vector.

ORBX’s Vector seems to have a big frame rate impact but doesn’t seem to make much difference in LM P3D’s latest versions.

Obviously any extra will add a load to the system but how would you rate the impact your Vector and bridge add ons have in P3D?

I have a lot of ORBX regions and airports.

Do your Base, Vector and bridge add ons play nicely with ORBX’s scenery?

Definitely a good time to buy with your current sale!

Cheers, Bernard.


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welcome to our forums Bernard :)

BM and Orbx do play nice together,
most of our customers run BM with Orbx,

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