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Extended light for v5


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Hi chris, I already have bm base and vector both are great products and planning to grab the extended light from store...but, I have few questions...

1. Is it have a huge impact on peformance?

2. Do I have to set autogen draw distance higher?

3. Does extended light add more light models or just a photoscenery?


I'm sorry if my question about the product doesn't make any sense.. but, that's what on my mind...thank you...


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Hi Stevanus :)
1. impact is relative to the area you fly in

2. NO!

3. YES! (we add special light models, no textures!)

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2 hours ago, Chris Bell said:


This word worries me hahaha....I run my sim on medium low PC (i7 7700k, gtx1070) do you think I'll be able to handle it?

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you expect the same performance from a rural area vs. downtown LA?

you are adding data and complexity as with any 3rd party add-on,
you should consider the above beforehand, after all this is not a performance boosting add-on,
with that said Extended data layer is manageable,


ELP 1.jpg


ELP 2.jpg


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Of course not....but at least a stable peformance...anyway thanks for your answers....I'll grab the extended light...thank you chris...

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