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Hello there! I've been a customer of BlackMarble since 2019, I've decided to purchase P3Dv5 now and use it, as far as I know I'll have to buy a different version of black marble for P3Dv5. Is it possible to get an upgrade discount?

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Hello Diego,
if youre support is in tact you are likely eligible for free upgrade to v5,
if you are eligible you will find a request for free upgrade option in your shop account (for all your BM related add-ons),

in the event you are not eligible our system has an automatic 50% off policy for existing customers if the following conditions are meet... 
and that is you already own a the same title from another platform and support is active,
in your case you own v4 so purchasing v5 (any of the add-ons as well)
should be marked 50% off retail for you (only shown when logged to your shop account!) , the system does this automatically so the prices should be strike down from the original price (marked in red) with your discounted costs next to it,

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Hi Chriss! Thank you for answering, that's good to hear, but I'm not having the 50% discount here. Any clues?

Also, I think my support got expired already, It was 1 year I think.

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no need to expose your personal detail in public,
please open support ticket through shop where we can discuss personal details safely or PM me in private here,

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