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Black Marble v1.6.0 Update now available for Prepar3D v4 & v5

Chris Bell

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Black Marble v1.6.0 Update now available for Prepar3D v4 & v5,

v1.6.0 updates many of our internal procedures and function,
visually everything remains the same as we haven’t changed interface layout,

we change is how Black Marble and all Packs are installed and integrated with sim and all third party addons,
now with XML support for all Black Marble Packages, with that we handle everything behind the scenes,

There are no more pre requisites settings with any 3rd party addon, everything is done seamlessly for you,

We are fully compatible with Prepar3D v5 and all previous versions, as well as Orbx FTX Central v2,

With Black Marble v1.6.0 onward v4 and v5 can be safely installed side by side,

in the event that Sim gets updated/repaired/uninstalled and reinstalled...
refreshing settings from CPanel should get everything back in working order with one click!


Install procedure for v1.6.0 is simple as always,
login to your shop account and download latest builds,
run each setup and select update for a quick update procedure,
for best result remove older BM first and clean reinstall latest build into a clean and stable sim,


Note the order of updating is important (although our installer will prompt and prevent from installing in the wrong order),
when updating we update in reverse order, starting from the highest pack going backward to base with base being last to get updated,

when not updating an existing installation install in reverse order from the order illustrated bellow,


Order of updating is as follows

1.      Black Marble Extended Lights Pack (deactivate first!)

2.      Black Marble Traffic Pack

3.      Black Marble 3DBridges

4.      Black Marble Vector

5.      Black Marble Base


we hope you enjoy this release ✈

Creative Design Studios Team.


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