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Purchasing questions.


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I'm trying to purchase Black Marble NG P3D v5 and found all those purchasing options. If I choose Basic v1.5.0 what do I get? and what does Vector v1.5.0 includes?

Is the night sky with stars texture included in any of those two? 

I also take that 3D Bridges,  Traffic Pack,  and Extended Lights Pack are to be purchased separately., correct?

I tried to find the answers elsewhere but I wasn't very successful. Please let me know!

Many thanks,



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Hi George :)

have a look here for public information,
technical data is only visible to customers in premium access area,

night sky addon is our Stargazer not Black or Blue Marble,

the addons for Black Marble are additional enhancement packages,
Base tries its best to enhance night lighting with existing sim data,

with Vector and up we bring our own worldwide data which we maintain and update regularly,
our Vector data includes all the roads in the world and enables fine tuning of each class with many option to enhance night views,

with Vector we are able to match world wide 3D Bridges, Traffic on all roads and enhance night lighting with Extended Lights pack,
none of Black Marble addons can live in sim before Base Pack gets our Vector Pack first which we build on from there on with the rest of them,

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