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What To Do if you get a Trojan or Virus found alert!

Chris Bell

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For those of you receiving false positive flags from local security applications like defender or any Antivirus program,

You’re titles are activated live online which many of these applications translate as a Trojan attack or some other scary looking alarm,

We can assure you nothing is a virus or a Trojan form our work, our installers and manager communicate with home aka us!
they do not transfer any personal information of any sort, we do log activation or any errors during setup etc.

These are transmitted automatically to our system to help diagnose any potential issue that may rise,

When one of you contact support these logs are the first thing we look at to narrow down cases,

These communications are encrypted and used by us only! And only for the purpose of support!
we take privacy and online security very seriously, we comply with very high security standards,


in the event you encounter a false flag alert make sure to add our installer to safe list,
a good practice is to also add the following directories to keep safe from any corruptions these may cause by false flagging applications,


Sim Root Directory
%APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
%ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\



We appreciate your support and understanding,



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I have looked at and complied with the previous post on virus false positives however today I am recieving a warning about a file in my Prepar3D/scenery folder called ON.exe. Is this a part of the Black Marble, Blue Marble or Stargazer product?


Kind Regards,

Shand Stewart

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Welcome to our forums Shand,

that is indeed part of our file lineup, we use (ON.exe) activate/deactivate (OFF.exe) files used in your
BMM/BM CPanel/3D Bridge Manager/Traffic Manager/and Extended Lights Manager/NEXM profile selection,

there is no point in asking every file if its not a virus i can assure you we are not out to hurt you or your sim, nor we in the business of coding malware,

for the record if you had complied with the main thread and excluded sim root directory (literally the first requirement on the list :D) 
you wouldn't be getting a false virus warning in the first place,

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