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Transaction not complete


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Hi Chris,


I recently tried to purchase Black Marble and I got to the cart, added it to the basket and used the discount code. I entered my details and press paid. It then tells me that the transaction could not be complete and the payment had failed yet I have a pending transaction in my account for Chris Bell - Creative Design Studios, but no product?


I hope you can help.


Thanks, James

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Welcome to our forums James,
transactions dont always get approved for various reasons that not always in our control,
this can be even a misspelled address or some basic info wasn't entered correctly that could trigger transaction to get flagged,
this is usually not our credit processor decision rather the cards issuer who is not approving the order,
to resolve a quick call to your customer support on the back of your card will get the transaction flagged,

you should open support ticket please referencing invoice number that failed so we can investigate further,
invoice number will be at the top left of each order listed here https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/clients/orders/ 

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