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Hi Chris,


How have you been?


This is Jose from Fl. Long time AVSIM member (djjose@avsim.)


I'd like to sign up for your newsletter. I finally got a large SSD & discovered the freeware photo package for Spain. I'd love to add your night lighting for Spain P3D v4 when it goes on sale.


Best regards & happy new year.



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Hello Jose,

at the time you bought NE from Aerosoft they were our one publisher,
our current Night Environment titles are published and supported by CDS,
the first two years we offered 50% off moving titles to CDS from Aerosoft, 
since then we spun off and publish under CDS which make Aerosoft titles long expired,
they can still be used in FSX but are not updated by them for years now (the main reason we spun off in the first place),

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Hi Chris,


All I need is the latest Night Environment - Manager. 


1.1 will not find my regions.


I need to update to 1.2. I think.

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