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The Best Global Roads and Night Lighting System ever just got even Better!!!

introducing Extended Lights Pack a new addition to Black Marble line of products,

(Black Marble Base and Vector Pack are prerequisites for Extended Lights Pack!)


with Extended Lights Pack we will deliver the most requested and Sought-after feature of night flying,

Extended Lights Pack solves once and for the "popping" effect with lights extending naturally to the horizon,

This is a true game changer for those who love flying nights,


Extended Lights Pack packs few more features beyond extending lights and eliminating popup effect,

It also works flawlessly over any Photoreal worldwide!


That’s right not only extended lights with no popping effect but also Photoreal coverage wherever it may me on the globe you can be assured Extended Lights Pack will be there to provide coverage and to compliment any Photoreal set at night,




many of you will wonder if Extended Lights Pack replaces Night Environment, the answer is no it is not!
though may look alike and partially function similar, Night Environment still is 100% Photoreal based!

above image doesn't include a Photoreal layer or Photoreal elements involved,

Extended Lights Pack is a Global Landclass based system with a special a new technical feats our group achieved,


in this image below we showcase Extended Lights Pack spawning both Photoreal on the left half and Landclass on the other,






with medium slider settings  






lateral view from FL1000



zoomed in from FL1000!




horizontal lights visibility (zoom reading top right)





















X 512 is MAX Zoom!!!



back to normal 0.30 zoom 


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Hi Chris...I went to preorder the Extended lights pack and noticed my cart places a 9.75% sales tax.  I don't have that sales tax where I live.  How do I delete that?  Please advise...Ready to order.  


Kindest regards,



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sales Tax is based on our locality and is mandatory by law!


@Hans - Jürgen Lampe
frames are individual to each system and end user environment,
there is no one fit all; frames will vary from one system to another,
i would describe Extended Lights Pack as slightly more intense than autogen based lighting  and about 25%-50% lower then an active NE title, 

this is based on where you frequent fly some area are naturally more intense than others regrdless,


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below are the frames i see, to put things in prospective...

these are the specs for the machine this was captured on,


loaded with top of the line Intel HD Graphics 4600 which is not even close to today's standard specs of a none gaming pc! :D 
if i run this on CDS Custom ONE the numbers you see below would be in the triple digits,
i find with a lower end machine easier to work with when visualizing stress points,

posting triple digits FPS from CDS Custom ONE is pointless showboating imho,


2019-8-14_2-59-9-675.jpg 2019-8-14_3-6-40-960.jpg


2019-8-14_3-7-25-917.jpg 2019-8-14_3-9-56-959.jpg2019-8-14_3-10-38-761.jpg

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Chris hello, what I experience while flying at night, lights popping up in the distance even at day time trees and buildings and other textures popping up in the distance and for me looks so unrealistic. Is this going to disappear with this new product? Wonder how to prevent this problem.

i7 6700k 5.4 ghz nvidia 1080 ti, 32 gb ram at 3000 MHz.


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HI Georgios :)
unfortunately we are well aware of this popping issue with objects, especially at night!
the root of the issue if complex and for most parts is native sim limitation,
a very complex task for LM to draw that many objects ahead,

during the day this is less obvious but still very noticeable, at night it becomes exaggerated since everything is taking place over a black canvas aka the night,
same concept as when you enter a room at night its pitch dark, flick the light on and it becomes lit and bright, same happens with our sim,

when the lights come on the distance P3D draw was not far enough for obvious reasons, so we end up with "half dark room" invisible, 
this contrast at night is an extension of autogen draw distance limit, even overriding this limit manually is not really sufficient,

as for other object... With Extension Lights Pack not only lights are static for miles and miles away,
because of that they now mask other restricted objects enveloped within Extended Pack radius like trees and buildings etc.

all get get swallowed in a sea of lights now,


here we are with autogen based lod radius with everything maxed out, trees buildings etc.
you can see the line clearly, not just from lights but from all other objects as well,




the same radius and settings as above only now with Extended Lights Pack active,
the same line is now gone and practically unnoticeable, by extending lights not only we solved the popup issue for lights,
but also created enough coverage that masks all other objects within Extended Lights Pack contained radius, as you can see is more than sufficient now :) 


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Chris, question for you:


I noticed that between the two images there seems to be a difference in the drawing of the secondary roads...while the in first image the secondary roads are all individually drawn, in the second one they appear to be more individual lights. It looks much better than before!!! Is this new in Extended Lights Pack or is there a setting that is different?

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Welcome to our forums Pierre :)

excellent observation!!!

yes these lights are part of Extended Lights Pack,

we have been studying night lighting from more recent real world 4K footage we acquired,

what you see in the video is an expression of that in sim, this is still first generation for this type of implementation,
we also developed special lights you see in the video these all individually emit and project light,


all together we feel this represent a more realistic night grid than to have all roads lit at once,
this is now possible due to Extended Lights Pack, without it we still have to use the old approach, 
all roads are still there with texture when you come close you will see them lit just as in real life;
only its a small part of the road lit not all of it solid lit unless its a major highway,

there is another layer to Extended Lights Pack  in the works i haven't shown yet and this one adds color variations on top of what you see now,
beside the regular colors we see off street light etc., shops, malls, and other elements always have colored lights in the mix,
this would be added shortly as well to the to further enhance fidelity in night visuals,



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Wow Chris.. That is a legitimate game-changer. Can't wait for this.

Question, is the  density of those lights adjustable?  

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Thank you Pierre :)

this 100% game changer for LM and P3D,

Extended will be released with a static profile,
i believe this would work as is just about everywhere with no major issues,

we do have the option to segment classes as well as offer density adjustments,

for the first lunch we will take the KISS approach to not over complicate things,

out of the box we will include 3 levels of intensity for some wiggle room,
in the video we show what we refer to as "First Class" and are the most taxing models we currently run,

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Hello Chris,


So with the recent announcement of Extended Lights Pack, do i still need to leave autogen slider to sparse or can I just completely turn it off and the 3D lights will show up?




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yes you can, they will show with lower radius if you turn all sliders off,






the video posted on our homepage was captured with these settings



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Wow! Can you do me a favor? Can you post a screenshot from FL330? Just curious how it looks? I am almost sold...




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I don't think I can fly at night in p3d until this is released.

Once you see these screenshots you can't unsee them.

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totally get it, this is just natural progression,
we would never get here if we didn't start there first ;) 
few years down the road we will look at this new progress we made just the same :D 


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I have enjoyed previous Black Marble products very much, but another $70? Grand total $200+ for the whole pack? Really? Personally I find it extremely insulting that you would price something like this, for people who already clients of your's.. 

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Welcome to our forums Mark :) 

Extended Lights Pack is available to all our existing customers right now in our shop at a 25% pre-release discount!


im sure you feel the same way in your trade when someone questions your pricing,

no one appreciates being dictated what the price of their work should be, 

have you educated yourself and knowledgeable on whats entailed? 


do you also feel that purchasing 2 or lets say even 3 airport addon,
which most likely you'll visit 4-5 times and would be at much higher cost than what we ask for Extended, delivers has the same value?

Extended Lights Pack is a 20+ GB worldwide package not one or two airports, it runs anywhere in the world over any photoreal and landclass at once!


where can you buy one product that covers the entire world at any price anyways?

the answer is nowhere because no one packages the entire globe in one title!

they make it 20 different titles at half the price each!!!


if you feel this is too much that's ok, Extended Lights Pack is not a must for everyone! 
we are not forcing anyone into buying Extended Lights Pack nor made it mandatory for BM,

its business as usual if you dont like we can still be friends, you can also wait for a special promotion,


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please dont make this what its not, im not being condescending,
if you or anyone reading this have a problem affording our work pm me in private and explain your predicament,

we are very compassionate and love our community, we have helped many of our dear members who cant afford our work over the years,

i wont ask any them to attest as respect and like them to have their pride and privacy,

we give back to our community in many ways, through our friends channels,and in private we help those in need,

we are grateful to be in that position in the first place,

i assure you im not making any of this up!

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Chris, with 20GB disc size, I would really need (in fact, I have to) to install this one outside P3D main folder. Is it possible?

Moreover, it would be great to have all other addons of Yours, especially Night Environments, to be installed via .xml method. Do you plan to implement it in the future?



Marek Mysior

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