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Not abl to buy, frustrating shop page

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Hi Chris

I made a different account between Forum and Shop, was able to sign in in the shop.

First of all, it's very difficult to shop, when you add something to the basket it need a hole time to understand if the lick was recognized or not, after -30 seconds or more, the pop up appears where I select continue shopping. When I click on another product  it open a new page instead to update the same page,  so to add 5 products toy have 5 tabs open, after you add the new item to the  basket, on the top right hand side you see 2 basket instead of one, sometines also 3 baskets,  clicking F5 it refresh the page and you have only 1 basket with all  items.  To buy 4 items I need over 30 minutes.

At the end I would like to close the purchase with my mastercard (same used fo all ORBX purchase without problems) but the page just redirect my on the same screen where I have to put again the credit card informations. I tried 4 times, the toal was 100 US $, onestly , in this conditions it's frustrating to buy and spent 100 $.

In regards to Pay pall, this would be a better option, and in regards to the privacy, the new European GDPR rules  are very impressive restricted Privacy regulation where the people are procteted.

But at the end I was not able at all tu made any purchase, and I don't know the reason, no error, no pop up warnings, no email with any kind of explanation and that's a shame, becasue I bought all the old Aerosoft Night enviroments and wanted to upgrade the product to the P3d V4 version.



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Chris Bell

Welcome to our forums Ilario :)
im sorry to hear you have difficulties placing your order with our shop,
we have not received any other reporting with regards to shop cart, causing issues,
have you checked with your card issuer that they are not blocking this particular transaction intentionally? (many Banks do block high charges with first time business almost blindly)

also be advised you should have both your shop and forums email match so our system can grant you access to customers only areas,
let me know if you need help resting these,

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