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Chris Bell

All Shop Sales are Final!

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Chris Bell

from here on we are officially lifting our Fair refund policy, All Sales are Final!

we are aware this is a key feature showcasing our trust, unfortunately we are being victimized beyond what we are willing to accept!!!

our sincere apologizes, we tried to do the right thing but it got to the point tat people just have no shame so we are putting our foot down!

we simply dont have the patience nor wish to give up our creative side to deal with crooks as part of our daily responsibilities,

instead from here on our fair refund policy is suspended until further notice,

unless something really out of whack happens to one of our legitimate customers,

any customers support ticket found fit for refund we will be making the option available,

each case will be examined and determined individually! do not count on a refund policy from here on.

further more anyone found or suspected in piracy will instantly be banned with all rights revoked!


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