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Chris Bell

What is Night Environment Lighting system, and how does it work?

Night Environment lighting system is constructed from the right elements in simulation platform joined together;
to render a night time environment that matches real world grid layout, look, and ambiance,

we use real world accurate vector data to render the night grid; it is 1:1 based on real world topology corresponding to flight map coordinates,
you can use our Night Environment for real world CVFR navigation training; where you will be able to spot all routes from the air at night and navigate by,

Night Environment is very different than any existing lighting system offered today; we are often imitate but never duplicated!
first we build a self-sustained Photoreal Night layer to cover the entire region; then we accurately place colored matched splash points where our 3D lights will be positioned above,

below our complete nightmap tiles for France loaded to TmfViewer, shown with progression zoom to showcase our Nighmap layer

our 3D lights are completely separate from the night texture layer; they can each be run separately unrelated to each other;
though they are separate elements; when placed together our 3D lights and the ground splash texture map will always match 100%



our ground splash night map will inherit color attributes from the texture it is placed over, mixing the light ambient color with the ground below,



in our work we factor many details down to the smallest and insignificant ones,
we even factor individual light height above ground, distance from each other, matching feature splash size and 3D bawl size, and many more factors...
we believe every detail we factor properly can add to the final processing; will reflect in a more accurate night rendition,











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