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    Hi I suppose this has been asked many times .. I've recently acquired a new computer and also switched from FSX to P3Dv4. Do I need to buy the installers for the NE regions again, or if not, how do I go about it.. It's such a great product and I would like to keep using it! Thanx Ron
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    Hi There, I purchased NE for P3Dv3 at the areosoft shop and i have now upgraded to P3Dv4? Do i need to purchase again or is there a P3D upgrade? Many thanks in advance.
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    OK I just tried to purchase new licenses (the FSX tick box is greyed out, since I have that) for the mentioned regions, but the price remains at 15.99. Do I need to go to checkout before I can see the 50% reduction?
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    No, I purchased them from your website.
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    Hi Chris Thanks for your quick reply - appreciate it. I own 3 NE products (Alps, British Isles and Italy), but I could not find anywhere how to cross-grade to P3Dv4. Cheers Ron
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    Chris, What happens next? Haven't heard back from you.
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    Thanx and sorry, won't order anything for now: I even cannot change the product support subscription as well - it's always fixed at full price without any options - even until checkout. My (old) Order Numbers were #1086 and #1199. Ron