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    Black Marble is coming!!! You’re all probably wondering what is Black Marble all about… let me shade some light , Black Marble is the missing link in Night Environment, You can look at it as Night Environment light weight Global sibling, With Black Marble we convert Sim’s native night environment worldwide to match visually our full Night Environment regions, This is our worldwide Global “filler”, no matter where you go around the world; our trusted night rendition with our signature will be there in its light weight form and full Night Environment glory, Don’t be fooled by the use of the words “filler” or “light weight”; Black Marble still carries a serious punch! Black Marble and Night Environment are designed to work and integrate together seamlessly! With added vector data Black Marble steps it up further more replicating real world grid and layout; with our new worldwide road network vector data we built, This allows for real world navigation training at night anywhere in the world; and full data grid replication to match our Full Night Environment flagship regions , Night Environment regions are our flagship and as such will always be needed to overcome certain scenarios such as Photoreal based environment etc... With Black Marble (Marvel) We bring in new technology developed in-house to deliver native Sim night environment integration (Native is key here!!!), Black Marble integrates real world data as well as native Sim data to render a true night worldwide with unparalleled modularity, With our new technology we can seamlessly add to Native Sim existing architecture; recent (March 2016) and up to date vector data! This means you will have real world road data anywhere on the globe that visually matches our Night Environment full regions almost 1:1, The ultimate combination! one product renders the whole world to look very much like Night Environment full packed regions, For those areas where you enhance your environment further with Photoreal and other elements requiring a higher level lighting system with extended textures, accuracy and fidelity, A trusted full Night Environment region will be there to cover your night properly unobstructed by any other elements, Did I mention the best part... this is all controlled via NEXM convenient GUI… ... Black Marble is now available for Pre-Order from our Shop with a 25% introductory discount!!! Black Marble Base $29.99 USD $39.99 USD Black Marble Vector Pack $44.99 USD $59.99 USD Black Marble 3D Bridge Pack $22.49 USD $29.99 USD Black Marble Traffic Pack $22.49 USD $29.99 USD Black Marble Base is our framework which enables Black Marble magic worldwide, Black Marble Base framework delivers integration with existing native Sim Vector data, coupled with controlled and changeable lighting system through our GUI manager, our Vector Pack Enhances the whole world road network in native Sim format, the data we add is up to date as of 2017, it is 1:1 accurate and can be used for real world navigation! we included all available road types Sim will natively recognize worldwide, our 3D Bridge Pack takes every bridge anywhere in the world and turn it into a 3D model, these are full fledged XML bridges that will appear over Photoreal beside landclass terrain, with our Traffic Pack you can add traffic in both direction to any Vector roads anywhere in the world! no more empty and lonely roads! you can enable/disable traffic based on our categorized road type worldwide! Sim Default Black Marble Base Black Marble Base + Vector Night Environment Expected Release date Aug 2,2017 Black Marble website - http://blackmarble.chrisbelldesigns.com/ (link can also be access from our navigation bar at the top) With regards, Chris Bell and The Creative Design Studios Team.
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    Florida, USA London, United Kingdom Düsseldorf, Germany Zurich, Switzerland Moscow, Russia Shown with Volumetric Lighting Amsterdam, Netherlands Top down view over Schiphol Airport.
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    Ladies and Gents.... new builds for Black Marble Base, Vector, Vector for 3D Bridges, and Traffic Pack been release for the following Simulation Platforms PREPAR3D v4, PREPAR3D v3/2, FSX-SE, FSX, all new files been posted to your accounts, please login and download from your Manage Purchases area, Released! BlackMarble Base Released! BlackMarble Vector Released! BlackMarble Vector for 3D Bridges Released! BlackMarble Vector ORBX Compatibility Patch Released! BlackMarble 3D_Bridges Released! BlackMarble 3D Bridges ORBX Compatibility Patch Not yet Released! BlackMarble Traffic Pack Not yet Released! BlackMarble Traffic Pack ORBX Compatibility_Patch Install instructions uninstall existing in the following order, Uninstall Black Marble Orbx Compatibility Patch, Uninstall Black Marble Pack, Uninstall Black Marble Base, Download new builds and install in the following order (note build version number was not incremented!) Install Black Marble Base Install Black Marble Vector / Vector for 3D Bridges Install Black Marble 3D Bridges, only for Orbx users after the above installed, Install Black Marble Orbx Compatibility Patch (same patch applies for Standard Vector and Vector for 3D Bridges!), Install Black Marble 3D Bridges Orbx Compatibility Patch Thank you for your patience and continued support, from Creative Designs Studio Team we hope you Enjoy
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    Sorry for reviving an "old" topic, but during the last few days, things at AVSIM have become even more ridiculous and absurd: Discussion of the Aerosoft CRJ had been allowed as long as it was in favour of Aerosoft. When posts became more critical because of the CRJ's bugs, flaws. and development shortcuts, the thread was closed, allegedly because it was considered advertising(!) as opposed to AVSIM terms of service. Now productive discussions have been inhibited, and all that's left is the Aerosoft CRJ advertising banner at the top of the AVSIM website ... (In the interest of full disclosure, I had been restricted from posting on AVSIM for two days, which was turned into a 30 days ban from accessing the site at all, including moderators' approval for all my future posts for an unlimited amount of time.) I'm terribly sorry to see how Aerosoft and AVSIM had been treating you, Chris. But it also seems that now Aerosoft and AVSIM are getting more and more of what they deserve. And my 12 Night Environment editions work like a charm and they immensely up my dusk/night/dawn flying experience. Thank you, Chris, for all that you have been doing for us and for your persistence. Cheers, Oliver
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    Hi Chris, It's a damn shame what has happened to this hobby and I mean the whole lot of it. I started simming back in 1985, I ran FS (from my Tandy 1000 computer) which came on 5-1/4" (I still have them) floppy discs. I even ran a Flight Simulator Bulletin Board Service called Trans-Continental BBS, it's in the BBS historical society listing... this was "BEFORE" the internet. 8-) I was with AVSIM since DAY ONE and those were some great times. Tough flight simming days, but none the less fun. I've seen this hobby descend quicker than a dive bomber on a target with all the nonsense, that's why some of the great ones no longer post on AVSIM and have moved on. OR the God like mod actually kicked some of these individuals out (due to their own ego for the most part) if you can believe that. AVSIM now has the rep of being filled with cry babies and fanboys... if you're not a part of either of those groups, you better be a "paying" commercial member or you're going to get slammed with just about zero help form the staff at AVSIM. I'm sure Tom is rolling over, damn shame...
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    The following pics are taken in FTX Regions. Pic 1. Edmonton in FTX NRM Pic 2 Ketchikan FTX PFJ Pic 3 Vancouver FTX PNW Pic 4. Billings Montana FTX CRM
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    Hi Everyone, I have the lights where I want them now, only thing left is to adjust bloom and saturation.
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    we are working diligently on opening out shop, indeed Blue Marble will be available from our shop initially, but also out partners and friends shop! when we open our shop shortly we will invite by email all our registered members to come and enjoy their free Blue Marble copy
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    we should be ready for distribution during 2017 first quarter,
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    Black Marble in its entirety is about 10GB installed! thats including Worldwide roads data, Worldwide 3D bridges, and Worldwide Traffic data, before anyone start with VAS questions, VAS usage is posted on earlier pages of this thread! it is not a 10GB single folder containing data, the files are constructed and installed in Sim NATIVE file structure and format, it is a seamless integration with minimal to no residual or side effects,
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    Black Marble project is ready to go! there are though other unrelated elements that require attention before we can move on to distribution, most of these related to our back end distribution, CC processing and file hosting, these should all come together in upcoming weeks! including new NE's
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    i know some of you waiting to hear about our progress, i can report that that out team has made tremendous progress the past few weeks with our new worldwide 3D bridge element, as you can see from the pics below (from our test area Miami overlooking KMIA) beautiful bridges with levels naturally weaving, crisscrossing and intersecting with each other, this is another ground breaking achievement that was never attempted before on any scale due to its monumental complexity, yes... we did it! these also come with proper day/night textures that work as expected!
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    Thank you Rob welcome to our forums! Downtown Chicago facing South
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    now... not the last set of pics aren't impressive enough, here are few to totally blow everyone's minds (same exact testing conditions as described above) Black Marble VAS Test with lights ON - with Native Vector data (over 4.5 LOD Radius (Max Default slider) with default settings) Black Marble VAS Test with lights ON - with Extended Vector data (over 4.5 LOD Radius (Max Default slider) with default settings) to conclude this test results, Highest usage - Black Marble with Extended Vector data and Lights ON VAS as tested: 1,361,488 K - Lowest Usage - Default Sim data with Lights OFF VAS as tested: 1,281,424 K --------------------------------------- Total added VAS - Black Marble with Extended Vector data and Lights ON = 80,064 K
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    a healthy competition with a reputable company like ORBX is nothing but gravy for you guys they do deliver quality product; but when it comes to night... common our team is focused only at only creating night lighting system! do we need to go through this again? joking aside; really to each his own there, nothing wrong with experimenting with what works for you, any reputable developer understanding the scope and magnitude of what we published we are bringing to the table; knows this is nothing like anyone seen before or something to sneeze about! this is in house proprietary technology no one has the ability to create this yet but us, this is partially why we haven't listed most of our system functionality (aside for the basic outlining information), mark m y word when i say... when we do list our full functionality it will make everyone jaws drop even further, its a promise! as for who will release first; i still don't see this as a race to the finish line; this Attitude in my eyes doesn't help building confidence or quality assurance which is top priority for our team! all i can say is; we will go above and beyond to make sure we deliver state of the art lighting system like no ne have seen before! guaranteed to give any competitor a run for his/her money
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    Seriously, you think we'll believe it ??? This is not the first time Mathijs exaggerate the numbers to justify these choices. When I make an Update for my programme by Simmarket, the price are 70€ for the update job, and Simmarket build also the installer ! When the distributor have all files in the good folder, without make a test, the time for make installer and upload are under 2h00 for 1 employee !
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    I dont think Aerosoft got bad intentions they are just taking lots of projects and they are business driven more then anything else which is logic since they got bunch of employees needs to get paychecks. I am hoping as well we will get to see 1.8 and BM on our sim soon i still dont fly much at night till ill have it. Keep on the great job Chris !
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    i thought id show you guys little more of Black Marble's Worldwide Native Vector Road Network, (the data is most current, routable, and as accurate as of May 2, 2016!) this is the same folder structure we all have inside Sim\Scenery folder, this is where Sim's native vector data is located; subdivided into Sim logical smaller area grid, here is the whole road network in TMFViewer Black Marble Native side by side vs P3D Native (note we don't render any roads that do not have some sort of pavement while Native P3D does include dirt paths and such) i know its hard to tell from that far away what exactly is the difference, here is a close up of the same area; lets see if you can guess which one is Black Marble and which is P3D Vector Data size Bridge Data size Traffic Data size
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    Black Marble includes in its arsenal a brand new 2016 worldwide road network vector data! the controls we provide are extremely refined; you will be able to draw the night in anyway you wish, black marble is like a painters brush,, you are the painter, Black Marble is your brush, and the night is your canvas, use Black Marble magic paint on your brush; you can do draw the night to your specific liking,
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    Thank you Rich, Black Marble is as revolutionary as Night Environment is, Thank you Michael how's it going Holgi the list of features and new functions we will bring with Black Marble is long, we are actually considering to limit some of the new function to avoid overwhelming our end users, Black Marble is very modular and extremely flexible with literally endless option to draw the night anyway you wish, some of the new functions and features were still not listed; we will publish these very soon as well, ill mention this... you can expect worldwide road network with traffic everywhere! cars with volumetric lights at night, and much more... worldwide!
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    Hello Got P3D 3.2 all up and running now and very happy with it. Took a flight from Heathrow to Nice/Cote d'Azure last night and got some snaps on the way. Can't seem to upload these to the gallery for some reason so thought I'd post them here - hope that's ok. Just after take off: Over Brighton I think - I love how this looks at night! Approaching Calais: I love Paris in the Springtime...especially by night! Approach in to Nice: And finally cleared off the runway: So good to have NE working properly in P3D now, enhanced the entire flight. Thanks Chris!
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    Exept if I make error ... But I think remember, there is +- 1 year, when France, Florida and Massachusetts release +- in the same time or very close ... A.S. ( Mathys ) ask to Chris , "Stop developping a new product because he was coming out of too close" ... lol But since then, nothing ...exept some update ! ( In this time Mr Tabu*** cotinue the road with this " bad copy style" night environment product on all other country ... ) But Yes, there is 2 year and more , A.S. are a best compagnie, but in this last year, he accumulated mistakes strategy overlooked their customers ! ( bad communication, bad reactivity, yes also with AES, a lot of users pay many code for big money an now, just an obsolete programme never updated ... also a lot of users not appréciate A.S. holdind it hostage products and new technologies ! ...The users are not dub ! I work with Simmarket, and Miguel are very correct also ... I have some contact with Australia and FlightStore (Orbx) And this team seem young, dynamique and also correct ! There is no bad compagnie or no bad people ... The A.S. problem, I think, this compagnie it was thought that it was the best, it have a little too rested under the palm trees and the German football ... Many other companies on the opportunity and have doubled A.S.! They do not know now expiration term delay on a lot of product ! It's a bit, my analysis for A.S. This is likely to pay dearly for the users ! Now Chriss, congratulation if you make your own shop, that's "YOUR PRODUCT", you are "the master" about it, and that's "YOU" decide when it release ... not a distributor ! Sorry also for English.
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    Agree with you oleandreasen ... Aerosoft is blocking your development (and your finances) Chris, Are you sure it's still interesting for you to work with A.S. ? This company ( A.S.) goes down more and more in the estimation of many user ! And yes Thanks for your wonderful products give a perfect realism by night ...
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    Chris. I never questioned your professionalism - your product is ace, without any doubt. It is Aerosoft´s professionalism I question. I find it hard to see how "they are trying" when a product has been sent to them, by you - 4-5 months ago - at least, and they just pocket it, instead of getting it out to us - the end users, who´s money have been spent. I know I know - I bought and paid for version 1.0, and Aerosoft could always just say that, and that I should be patient and wait for my FREE update - but when products that came out a lot later than for instance Denmark, and also in version 1.0, are already sent out for the costumers to enjoy in version 1.7x, then I still think it´s unprofessional, by Aerosoft. Just an opinion. but as I said - it is not you I shoot at, and I shall not comment on it further. Thanks for the wonderful products Chris. Ole
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    I am not flying towards those places ; I am flying over them coming from the Netherlands and going to Greece... I just happened to have them photo realistic so it is one photo scenery from the Netherlands to Greece.. If you like Japan go ahead
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    One hand holding the IPhone and recording . The other hand steering the aircraft..
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    Anacortes to Arlingtom Mun in the Goose. Change plane and head to Harvey Field for Bar-B-Q. FTX PNW.
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    Takeoff from Hurhada ( Egypt ) Cairo ( Egypt ) Crete ( Greece ) Athens ( Greece ) Linz ( Austria ) Cologne-Bonn ( Germany ) Rotterdam ( Netherlands ) Amsterdam Schiphol
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    Hi Everyone, I'll get a series of videos online taken from the various NE locations. This should give you an idea on the look and feel of Black Marble with Night Environment for any area you may be interested in. This video contains dawn, dusk and night flight at Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Orlando.
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    Well it looks like Black Marble lights now beat Xplane 11 lights. Click on pics for larger image. Here is Munich in P3Dv4 with Black Marble. And here is Munich in Xplane 11.
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    my feeling is that you may not hear of him, at least not the way we all hope to..... But let's wait and see. Would be great if you could us provide with a tool or smtg. like that to overwrite the responsible textures, Chris
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    Hi Everyone, This looks AMAZING and Vector isn't even in yet. I'll start to work on some videos, may take some time to upload to Youtube. Great job guys, since I spend most of my time flying at dusk,dawn and night this is the perfect addon. Keep in mind I get to see this in 4K while you're seeing it at a reduced resolution of 1600x900.
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    Hi Chris, Before I shoot any movies, how does this look. The main roadways are much better, I toned it down a bit, bloom is at 3.
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    Hi Chris, Wow, you must be a mind reader. Or I have the ability to use the force. 8-) I was just thinking about a manual two days ago. Now I have some reading to do. Thanks Chris
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    just to let you all know... if all goes without a hitch we are roughly 24h away from releasing Black Marble! none of this would be possible without our Team member making a Hero move to save the day!
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    alright gents we got the green light, all issues been solved, go ahead activate, use coupon, all should work now as expected (fingers crossed) anyone who placed his Blue Marble order previously and failed please place your order again! i have deleted your previous failed attempt and the system is ready to accept a new coupon invitation for your account, i hope all is well from here on, please report successful attempt so i can relax a bit
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    Hope you have a smooth roll-out of the new website, swift release of all the marbles as well NE updates. I'll keep checking in from time to time but it'll most likely only be after the release of Black Marble so here's wishing you and all other readers; a very happy holiday and a remarkable end to this year, cheers!
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    Found this for you Chris
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    we disable those over an active NE region, considering the amount of lights and radius we push our system is relatively froogle with VAS
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    im not sure what is the issue with ASN recently; i find it hard to believe Aerosoft didn't do the best they can, i know sometime things don't always work the way we want them to work; they are big but they are also down to earth; its not like its Microsoft! at any time you can speak directly with Mathijs or any one of the executives, with a company that size its not always an option; but it is with Aerosoft, we are actively developing our own shop front; soon enough you will be able to order directly from our shop we are aiming on providing our own installers directly to Aerosoft; instead or relaying on their internal process for updated installers, as well as controlling new region distribution and release rate through our own channel (you will notice some users have a red + sign next to them; thats coming from our shop side DB indicting they are registered customers (it is still in development!))
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    From the album ManuelB

    NE SWEDEN Over Goteborg ESGG