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  3. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    hi Ron i'm happy to sort this out for you; i was under the impression you are not interested proceeding; based on your one before last response, i am bit confused atm
  4. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    Chris, What happens next? Haven't heard back from you.
  5. Help questions questions questions

    Hi Mr. T yes we do have an upgrade path for our Aerosoft customers! we will honor a 50% discount on everything you own and upgrade from Aerosoft Night Environment line, further more we will extend our welcome back home with additional 50% on every NE item you place in your cart during checkout, regardless of previous ownership or not! i will have to discount the cart manually, you should add items to your cart and continue to checkout, stop at the credit card info page and PM me your invoice number (from the top) so i can discount your cart prior to checking out, (note that our shop and support forums are separate servers each requiring a separate registration using the same email to sign up; if this is the first time you place an order in our shop you will need to register as new customer when checking out,) ATB Chris
  6. Hi There, I purchased NE for P3Dv3 at the areosoft shop and i have now upgraded to P3Dv4? Do i need to purchase again or is there a P3D upgrade? Many thanks in advance.
  7. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    Thanx and sorry, won't order anything for now: I even cannot change the product support subscription as well - it's always fixed at full price without any options - even until checkout. My (old) Order Numbers were #1086 and #1199. Ron
  8. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    Thank you Ron, sorry for the delay; i was all over i am pretty sure is should already be listed at %50, but go ahead and try to reach the checkout with these in your cart, if it didn't change as expected please let me know so i can look into it, i can at that point manually discount it for you if it didn't kick in on its own,
  9. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    OK I just tried to purchase new licenses (the FSX tick box is greyed out, since I have that) for the mentioned regions, but the price remains at 15.99. Do I need to go to checkout before I can see the 50% reduction?
  10. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    our installers and licensing are per platform! purchasing additional lic for a different platform for existing titles should be pre discounted for you at %50!
  11. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    No, I purchased them from your website.
  12. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    were these purchased from Aerosoft or our new shop?
  13. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    Hi Chris Thanks for your quick reply - appreciate it. I own 3 NE products (Alps, British Isles and Italy), but I could not find anywhere how to cross-grade to P3Dv4. Cheers Ron
  14. NE: changing from FSX to P3Dv4

    Hi Ron have you purchased from us before? if so you're shop interface should list all your existing titles for parallel platform at %50 discount! if you require additional license for another platform for existing title we pre discount these at %50, even if you require a third we will keep compounding your costs at %50 from you last purchase, and so on!
  15. Hi I suppose this has been asked many times .. I've recently acquired a new computer and also switched from FSX to P3Dv4. Do I need to buy the installers for the NE regions again, or if not, how do I go about it.. It's such a great product and I would like to keep using it! Thanx Ron
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  17. Awesome! Ill check out the video. Thanks!
  18. we do! project name is Stargazer it is unpublished yet and soon will be added to our lineup, (your status is guest; registration to our forums is free and will open many areas not visible to guests) see video promo here (turn lights off, set 1080HD and look at the sky as i try to point the F22 to the stars over Malaga (below is NE Spain and the area where we snapped the image you see on our NE title covers!)
  19. Hi Chris, do you have a product that updates the night sky globally? starts & moon? Thanks!
  20. Yes, only the highways and primary roads use 50 . The other 75-100... At this moment I use 0.6 for Star Lights and 0.7 for 8 or 10 beam lights. I am going to experiment with the Volumetric lights.
  21. Amsterdam P3Dv4.2 ( testing )

    adding extra lights? W00T
  22. At this moment I am adding extra lights ... I am using my All Months PTA set with this too. The last screenshot also contains my left view ( 40"- 32"- 32" ). All credits to Chris for his great work. Gerard
  23. Black Marble

  24. Black Marble

    I mean is it the autogen distance or density just for ciriusty sorry for my english BTW lol
  25. Black Marble

    Dont know lol didnt notice. but my question is is it the distence or density
  26. Black Marble

    yes! why are you asking the questions on the wrong thread?
  27. Black Marble

    Nice! and does the autogen distence controll its lod? or the autogen density
  28. Black Marble

    its not a single scenery folder; more info over here
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