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    he ordered using our Black Marble line pre-release promotion!
  6. Traffic

    you purchased in june and still no release? woow! how is this possible? i just purchased and Chris told me they are working on it!.
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  8. oh man what a relieve!
  9. it was DL all the time, i turned it off no more blurries and no more 100% cpu usage at night. after 6 months i finally solved it 1 box unticking
  10. "Include Product Support"

    Thank you very much Chris!
  11. ok now i know whats going on ps sorry i broke all ur lights above on this page my apologize
  12. Blue Marble

    for those of you still unsure what Blue Marble does, the main post on this thread been updated with more information,
  13. Sorry!!

    damn Mark i worked very hard to hang those lights! Punk
  14. Sorry!!

    Dear Creative Design Studios, I've just broken all your festive lights hung at the top of the forum.. Erm... sorry!!
  15. Happy New Year That you might make many Nightflights ..
  16. Hope you all have a successful 2018 and that you enjoy the products you have bought from CDS.
  17. Purchase

    not that im aware of atm,
  18. Purchase

    One other question, I have Blue marble for fsx:se but am now on P3Dv4 and was thinking of upgrading to the next gen version for p3Dv4. Are there any conflict issues if I'm running TOGA projects ENVTEX and ENVSHADE . Really liked what Blue Marble did in fsx and hope having these other textures wont effect it in P3D. Thanks Chris
  19. Purchase

    Ok thanks, I'll let you know if there are any problems
  20. Purchase

    Hi Chris, the current Promo we are running should get you the 50% discount we offer Aerosoft customer,
  21. Purchase

    Hi Chris, Hope you had a great Christmas I'm in the same boat, have 3 NE titles that never got updated so I can't install to p3dv4. I assume I just PM you the receipt from PC Aviator. Thanks Chris
  22. NYC BM Base + Vector + DD NYC X v2

    Figured it out. I didn't have to disable any night bgl, and used the Lorby Prepar3d V4 Addon Organizer to change the layering to put NY beneath NE. Looks great now! Marc
  23. NYC BM Base + Vector + DD NYC X v2

    Also in Scenery Library, it won't let me change the order of those files. I see them in Add Ons, but can only enable/disable them.
  24. NYC BM Base + Vector + DD NYC X v2

    Sounds easy. How do I know which file is its night BGL? None of the files look obvious! Thanks, Marc
  25. NYC BM Base + Vector + DD NYC X v2

    layer DD below NE and disable its night BGL!
  26. NYC BM Base + Vector + DD NYC X v2

    This looks great. How did you get it to work correctly? I installed DD NYC X v2 last night but don't see any of the road lighting from New York NE 1.8 like your screenshots. Any tips you would recommend? Thanks, Marc
  27. fully view-night enviroment

    Thank you for updating on your current findings Ariel radius for which element? the topic below will point you in the direction for increasing autogen objects radius, if you're referring to Photoreal it a different LOD setting, its controlled by the first slider in v4 General tab, to push beyond the max default settings you will need to set any one of the above manually in Prepar3D.cfg
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