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  2. Chris Bell

    Black Marble NG Update Preview

    High Range Textures
  3. Chris Bell

    VHHX fly tampa with BM and extended

    spectacular!!! you should use your gallery album posting option so they appear on the front page automatically, also you can use the gallery function so they cycle through in single frame, a quick link is also here
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  5. Chris Bell

    Unable to renew product support

    if the transaction keeps failing its probably your bank flagging the transaction for security reasons, ive had this happen numerous times and to be honest i prefer things this extra layer of security, give your bank instituted a call and confirm it was you so they can approve you on your next attempt,
  6. yli697

    Unable to renew product support

    Got the email and I updated the card information, but when I clicked place order and pay, it says payment was declined. I have tried a few different cards as well.
  7. Chris Bell

    Unable to renew product support

    the item is in your cart waiting to checkout, link emailed
  8. Hello, I am trying to renew the product support for black marble base package to have access to the latest builds, but when i tried to renew the product support, there was no place for me to enter payment information and it went straight to a web page saying waiting payment from payment from press order. I don't know if I missed anything. Thanks for the help.
  9. how much work would it be to prepare a small sample of a couple of variants and present them for customer feedback/responses, or is it not worth all the work?
  10. as my esteem eclogue demonstrated above these numbers get pretty large when evaluating a state like TX for example,
  11. Just to get the numbers for the discussion right. As far as resolution goes we are considering LOD15 (circa 1.2 m per pixel) or LOD16 (circa 0.6 m per pixel). So let's say as a fictitious number that a region is 1 GB in size at LOD15 without any seasons, then you get roughly the sizes below for the different variants: LOD15 without seasons: 1 GB LOD16 without seasons: 4 GB LOD15 with 4 seasons: 4 GB LOD16 with 4 seasons: 16 GB Personally I think going one LOD up from 15 to 16 is worthwhile when you are flying VFR, you see a lot more detail in fields and other areas. The seasons are nice to add, but I doubt it is worth all the GBs :)
  12. copy that. Your grace is commendable my friend. 🙏 often imitated, never duplicated!
  13. we move on to create the next best thing, Orbx are our friends as i said we are flattered by the fact they find out work worthy of attempting to replicate,
  14. I remember, its not like i haven't been following that. It's obvious I'm not the only one with a keen interest in the project. Still, a level of sadness that that's happening
  15. I hear u, but that doesn't do a lot for the state of sadness in my heart right now.
  16. often imitated, never duplicated! see the date below? and here... is where it all begun all dated, at the bottom of that thread you will see the first sprouts of NE at that time there was no such thing as lights in sim and everyone made fun of our work when we came out with it, when i say we pioneered night lighting from day one i mean it verbatim! https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/place-lights.426682/
  17. they have been trying just about everything we do! lights... vEarth project wanna be we are flattered
  18. I feel like I'm leaning toward a combined approach myself, leaving some breathing room.
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