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  2. Welcome to our forums Karol please contact shop support here https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/support/ for further assistance,
  3. Hello. Please help me, I have a problem. I purchased "Night Enviroment Poland FSX" and I clicked button "download" but I can't download file because link is not active.
  4. good to see you John we have completed vEarth project! unfortunately few things have happened since that put a damper on releasing, the holdup atm is mainly due to MSFS2020 and general community trends,
  5. Chris, Your prompt checking and assistance has now done the trick!
  6. Chris, how are things progressing with this. July's information was the project was completed, with minor installation routines to address. Some talk of a demo too. More time goes by and more true earth regions are being released over at.... "the other place."
  7. Earlier
  8. Thank you Will, i will check again,
  9. Hi Chris, Unfortunately the issue has not quite been fixed. On seeing your last post I logged into my account to renew product support for remaining products. I found the renewal rate has been fixed for some of my Night Environment titles (e.g. British Isles, Benelux and Denmark) but not for others. I have left the Orders with the incorrect renewal amount as “Pending” and unpaid so they can be corrected. I put a message in the “Contact Us” part of your store providing the order numbers for the invoices that need correcting. There are quite a few order numbers as a new order number seems to be generated as I try to renew support for each Night Environment title. By looking at the pending orders for my account someone should be quickly able to establish a list of Night Environment Titles which still need have to have their product support renewal rates corrected within my account so that software support invoices are correctly generated by the “Manage My Purchases” part of the store. Thank you for your ongoing help in trying to resolve this matter.
  10. Hello Will, this issue has been resolved by now
  11. you are absolutely correct my friend, let me circle back with our online services director on this issue, i wasn't fully aware; the way I've described it initially didn't reflect the issue you've highlighted above, just the basic discrepancy observed logged vs. guest,
  12. Chris, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly with your first post and then your follow up second post that I have just seen. I’d started investigating and preparing a response for your first post which is included below with some modifications to allow for your second post. The main products I was referring to in my original post in terms of differing renewal costs were the Night Environment titles. To clarify the cost difference I am observing is between the cost of product support in the shop when not logged in and the cost of purchasing extended product support through the Manage Order section of the shop once logged in. I can see from your website’s shop that for all Night Environment titles you currently include the first year of support for free and the second year of product support at a discounted rate of $0.99 per year (instead of the non-discounted rate of $1.99/year). I looked at the website store for each of the 24 Night Environment titles and they all have the following text for support: From this I would expect the cost of extending the support to be $1.99 per year for all Night Environment titles after the initial discount period of two years. After seeing your first post I logged in and went through the Manage Order section of your shop to check the cost of extending software support for all the Night Environment titles that I’ve purchased. In my case 23 of the 24 Night Environment titles will renew support at a rate of $4.99 per year and 1 of the 24 Night Environment titles (NE Israel a more recent purchase) will extend support at a rate of $1.99 per year after current support expires on 09/10/2022. How is the store setting it’s software support renewal price? It appears the price for extending software support is locked in by your shop front software when a product is initially purchased and the software doesn’t allow for any price reductions you may introduce for support in the following years after a customer’s initial purchase? What do you believe the correct price per year should be for extending product support for Prepar3DV4 for each Night Environment title? If an annual support price has decreased is there a way to have in corrected so it’s reflected in support renewal purchases made in future years? I haven’t got around to installing the products I have purchased as yet but the results other people are getting with Black Marble look amazing. I’m wondering if there will be even further improvements with Night Environment. As you can appreciate, current support is needed in order to access software download links for software that has already been purchased from your store. I hope I’ve raised this purchase query regarding software support in the right place on your web site. Thank you for your help. Regards, Will
  13. we have looked into the issue Will, it appears to not be an issue, the price you see for support before you login is discounted 50% for first time purchase, once you logged in the system can present a more current info based on your user account, what you are seeing once you login are none discounted support fees (aka standalone),
  14. Welcome to our forums Bill which product have you seen this happen with?
  15. Hi Chris, I am trying to understand how your website determines the annual renewal price price for product support. Over the years I have purchased a lot of your products and a now have quite a few with expired product support that I would like to possible renew so I can possibly obtain a more recent version. I notice a disparity in pricing in your shop. When I am logged in under my user name your web site will charge $4.99 for a year of product support for a night environment title yet if you are not logged in your shop shows the price as $1.99. If you look at my account you will see the number of titles I have purchased from you and this difference in pricing will make a considerable difference in the amount payable. Thank you for your assistance.
  16. Welcome to our forums to upgrade you just need to make sure your support is active for your title,
  17. I have version 1.8 How do I upgrade for 1.95 ? :-0
  18. Black Marble v1.6.0 Update now available for Prepar3D v4 & v5, v1.6.0 updates many of our internal procedures and function, visually everything remains the same as we haven’t changed interface layout, we change is how Black Marble and all Packs are installed and integrated with sim and all third party addons, now with XML support for all Black Marble Packages, with that we handle everything behind the scenes, There are no more pre requisites settings with any 3rd party addon, everything is done seamlessly for you, We are fully compatible with Prepar3D v5 and all previous versions, as well as Orbx FTX Central v2, With Black Marble v1.6.0 onward v4 and v5 can be safely installed side by side, in the event that Sim gets updated/repaired/uninstalled and reinstalled... refreshing settings from CPanel should get everything back in working order with one click! Install procedure for v1.6.0 is simple as always, login to your shop account and download latest builds, run each setup and select update for a quick update procedure, for best result remove older BM first and clean reinstall latest build into a clean and stable sim, Note the order of updating is important (although our installer will prompt and prevent from installing in the wrong order), when updating we update in reverse order, starting from the highest pack going backward to base with base being last to get updated, when not updating an existing installation install in reverse order from the order illustrated bellow, Order of updating is as follows 1. Black Marble Extended Lights Pack (deactivate first!) 2. Black Marble Traffic Pack 3. Black Marble 3DBridges 4. Black Marble Vector 5. Black Marble Base we hope you enjoy this release ✈ Creative Design Studios Team.
  19. we haven't really set our goals on the next region, unlike home projects we cant use any imagery source, it comes down to imagery availability and associated costs, we committed to NA because we have stable resource we can work with, by the time we complete we expect more stable sources will be available to choose from, atm there isn't even a full imagery set we can purchase to work with that covers all of Canada, the same goes for many EU states as well, those that do already have very good projects leading them,
  20. Well, that kinda hurts, not gonna lie. The map on page 1 is accurate enough, but this is continental U.S.A., not really North America per se. But when you're talking about completing NA, are you talking about Canada next or are you going to head over the pond. I won't even pester about Canada since this has been so long in the making, it sure does look good though. Thanks, I'll be keeping an eye open now.
  21. atm we purchased 2018 and 2019 commercial grade imagery from USGS, they only cover NA not including Canada or SA, only the US territory, we are aware there are few new European sets that became affordable recently, our project current scope is only covering NA initially, once we complete NA we can direct our AI engine to process any country we have good imagery for,
  22. Wow, that looks VERY impressive, neat to read the posts and follow progression. It says all of North America but just to be sure, are we talking about Canada? ALL of Canada? What about Alaska?
  23. the project has been completed! we have left minor installation routines to address, atm resources are directed towards completing BM's 3rd party Service Pack, next in line is releasing our long awaited vEarth project
  24. Hi guys I'm sharing this video I made showing black marble in p3dv5 hottfix2, I believe the performance of car traffic has improved drastically Link>>>>>
  25. Chris Bell

    a few pics into MXP last week

    looking good Steven 👍 in a week time it will look even better
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