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  4. Black Marble v1.6.0 Update now available for Prepar3D v4 & v5, v1.6.0 updates many of our internal procedures and function, visually everything remains the same as we haven’t changed interface layout, we change is how Black Marble and all Packs are installed and integrated with sim and all third party addons, now with XML support for all Black Marble Packages, with that we handle everything behind the scenes, There are no more pre requisites settings with any 3rd party addon, everything is done seamlessly for you, We are fully compatible with Prepar3D v5 and all previous versions, as well as Orbx FTX Central v2, With Black Marble v1.6.0 onward v4 and v5 can be safely installed side by side, in the event that Sim gets updated/repaired/uninstalled and reinstalled... refreshing settings from CPanel should get everything back in working order with one click! Install procedure for v1.6.0 is simple as always, login to your shop account and download latest builds, run each setup and select update for a quick update procedure, for best result remove older BM first and clean reinstall latest build into a clean and stable sim, Note the order of updating is important (although our installer will prompt and prevent from installing in the wrong order), when updating we update in reverse order, starting from the highest pack going backward to base with base being last to get updated, when not updating an existing installation install in reverse order from the order illustrated bellow, Order of updating is as follows 1. Black Marble Extended Lights Pack (deactivate first!) 2. Black Marble Traffic Pack 3. Black Marble 3DBridges 4. Black Marble Vector 5. Black Marble Base we hope you enjoy this release ✈ Creative Design Studios Team.
  5. we haven't really set our goals on the next region, unlike home projects we cant use any imagery source, it comes down to imagery availability and associated costs, we committed to NA because we have stable resource we can work with, by the time we complete we expect more stable sources will be available to choose from, atm there isn't even a full imagery set we can purchase to work with that covers all of Canada, the same goes for many EU states as well, those that do already have very good projects leading them,
  6. Well, that kinda hurts, not gonna lie. The map on page 1 is accurate enough, but this is continental U.S.A., not really North America per se. But when you're talking about completing NA, are you talking about Canada next or are you going to head over the pond. I won't even pester about Canada since this has been so long in the making, it sure does look good though. Thanks, I'll be keeping an eye open now.
  7. atm we purchased 2018 and 2019 commercial grade imagery from USGS, they only cover NA not including Canada or SA, only the US territory, we are aware there are few new European sets that became affordable recently, our project current scope is only covering NA initially, once we complete NA we can direct our AI engine to process any country we have good imagery for,
  8. Wow, that looks VERY impressive, neat to read the posts and follow progression. It says all of North America but just to be sure, are we talking about Canada? ALL of Canada? What about Alaska?
  9. the project has been completed! we have left minor installation routines to address, atm resources are directed towards completing BM's 3rd party Service Pack, next in line is releasing our long awaited vEarth project
  10. Hi guys I'm sharing this video I made showing black marble in p3dv5 hottfix2, I believe the performance of car traffic has improved drastically Link>>>>>
  11. Chris Bell

    a few pics into MXP last week

    looking good Steven 👍 in a week time it will look even better
  12. Chris Bell

    Usage in both P3D v4 and v5?

    running v4 and v5 side by side is not supported! you can run either or but not both at the same time,
  13. sharksfan166269

    Usage in both P3D v4 and v5?

    Hello, I currently am using both P3D v4 and v5 since v5 isn't entirely stable for me yet, so I was wondering if I purchased the v4 Black Marble, would I be able to use that in both v4 and v5 at the same time until I fully move to v5 or would I have to stick to one simulator? Thanks in advance
  14. indianbhaji

    Black Marble v4/v5

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the assurance - I have henceforth purchased Black Marble Base, Vector and Stargazer and I look forward to using your products! All the best, Eric
  15. Chris Bell

    Black Marble v4/v5

    Welcome to our forums Eric we understand the predicament many find themselves in atm, we've adjusted our upgrade policy going forward, anyone who purchases between now and 10/1/2020 will get a free upgrade to v5,
  16. indianbhaji

    Black Marble v4/v5

    Hi Chris, Hope you're well! I'm looking to purchase Black Marble for my simulator as I have heard from several friends it's a delightful enhancement for night lighting Just before I purchase I was wondering whether I would have to purchase Black Marble for both v4 and v5 or can I purchase for v4 and get the upgrade for v5 that you're offering to existing customers? Currently I have both simulators, though I use v4 only for long hauls seeing that the FSLabs was updated for v5 just the other day and I plan to move completely to v5 once more addon aircraft are compatible. I'm planning to purchase Black Marble Base and Stargazer though I might go for Vector as well, just as a heads up. I would be extremely grateful if you'd be able to suggest or offer anything - no worries if not! All the best, Eric
  17. Chris Bell

    If I purchase BM for v4, do I get v5 as well?

    Welcome tour forums you will be able to upgrade from v4 to v5 free of charge!
  18. I'm close to purchasing BM Base, Vector and Extended but I have one thing I want to be sure of before I hit the buy button. I'm currently using P3D v4.5 HF2 but in the future I may move over to P3D v5, will I get a free upgrade for my BM products to v5 or will I have to buy all of them again?
  19. That worked, all my issues are now resolved, thank you so much!
  20. try to log out and back in,
  21. Ok thank you, 1 more thing, i purchased that as you said and it worked but now i dont have access to the forums as it states only premium members have access only. Any ideas? Bryan
  22. Ok, just to make sure I have to click renew and pay the $10 correct? https://prnt.sc/t3yb5a Thanks
  23. Hello Bryan, you probably run out of support, make sure your support is active and all download link should be available,
  24. Hello, I have purchased black marble about a year ago and I want to reinstall it and I cannot find a download link anywhere. Can someone please help me out, thanks! Order Number 6057
  25. Welcome to our forums Robert 1.4 is STEAM Shop special build, the update will be available for our STEAM customers as well, please have a read here
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