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  4. Chris Bell

    Black Marble base

    in some cases you will need to deactivate duplicate data from third party but that comes later with vector not with base! you can rest assured though the majority of our customers runs some form of orbx addon with no issues we're aware of,
  5. Thao pai pai

    Black Marble base

    My last question before buying. When I only install BM Base, will I keep my vector data from ORBX VECTOR roads or lose that vector data?
  6. Chris Bell

    Black Marble base

    with only base you will have the same vector data you have atm, we only add additional vector data with our vector later on,
  7. Thao pai pai

    Black Marble base

    I know Chris, I wonder if I just buy BM Base at the moment will I lose my ORBX Vector roads? And will the default roads of the sim remain?
  8. Chris Bell

    Black Marble base

    not sure what youre talking about, BM has all the roads in the world!
  9. Thao pai pai

    Black Marble base

    Thanks for answering Chris so soon. At the moment I can only buy the BASE and later the VECTOR when I can. I have seen through several forums certain problems with the ORBX Vector. Will I lose my Vector ORBX roads if I install Black Marble BASE? Sorry for my English
  10. Chris Bell

    Black Marble base

    Welcome to our forums Thao you do not need to uninstall orbx for Black Marble to work, you will get a instructions on how to properly setup with Orbx,
  11. Thao pai pai

    Black Marble base

    Good night from SpainI want to buy the Black Marble base package, but I have a question.Should I uninstall the ORBX lights before?Sorry my englishGreetings to the community
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  17. its a fun educational project for Adam and us, from his own personal leaning curve these are created as he delves into BM complexity step by step with our guidance, the challenge is to articulate this to a video tutorial that's fun and easy to follow, Adam is very talented in that segment,
  18. I have no problems, just curious. Always watch videos to pick up anything I may have overlooked My opinion is that it would have been a good idea to release all the videos on block in order to assist a new user with any installation problems rather than having to wait for the next instalment. Clive
  19. Hi Clive i believe Adam is hard at work as we speak, there's allot to cover i think there will be 3 or 4 in total by Christmas time,
  20. When is the next part available? Clive Alexander
  21. Chapter 1 - Install and Basic Setup
  22. Chris Bell

    How do I purchase support for an expired software

    Hi Steve you will need to renew any expired support subscription associated with the item currently not listing download option from your shop account,
  23. Chris, How do I Purchase support to download a software that I own. I have had this problem before .
  24. Chris Bell

    i enter coupon code but apply botton is not shaded

    Hi Ali try to type the code instead of pasting it,
  25. Chris Bell

    Black Friday?

    hang in there Peter it is Thanks Giving today for us in USA, tomorrow is officially Black Friday,
  26. the_saguaro

    Black Friday?

    Any Black Friday sales on your BM Extended? Thanks so much, P.
  27. Chris Bell

    Unable to pay

    Thank you Jacob, apologies for the inconvenience, i actually just heard back from our online service director who informed me exactly that, we cannot transact below 0.50c so the system doesn't show CC option if checkout balance is below 0.50c,
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