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  2. Sorry Chris, I found the answer in another post. Use standard vector without bridges and bridge vector with bridges. Correct?
  3. Just a quick clarification. If I'm already using standard BM Vector and install 3D Bridges, do I skip Vector for 3D Bridges or do I uninstall standard vector and use 3D Bridges vector instead? Johm
  4. Black Marble update install question

    Hi Paul you should install only one Vector Pack, if you plan on installing 3D Bridge Pack then you use Vector for 3D Bridges, if not use standard Vector with Vector patch only, bridges patch is only if you installed 3D pack, more info is posted here
  5. Chris I am ready to install the new versions and would like to know; Do I install Vector and then Vector for bridges - or just Vector for bridges? Do I install 3d bridges or will Vector for bridges take care of that, or do I install both? Do I install both the Orbx compatibility patch and the Orbx 3d bridges compatibility patch or just the Orbx 3d bridges compatibility patch? Thanks for the update
  6. Ladies and Gents.... new builds for Black Marble Base, Vector, Vector for 3D Bridges, and Traffic Pack been release for the following Simulation Platforms PREPAR3D v4, PREPAR3D v3/2, FSX-SE, FSX, all new files been posted to your accounts, please login and download from your Manage Purchases area, Released! BlackMarble Base Released! BlackMarble Vector Released! BlackMarble Vector for 3D Bridges Released! BlackMarble Vector ORBX Compatibility Patch Released! BlackMarble 3D_Bridges Released! BlackMarble 3D Bridges ORBX Compatibility Patch Not yet Released! BlackMarble Traffic Pack Not yet Released! BlackMarble Traffic Pack ORBX Compatibility_Patch Install instructions uninstall existing in the following order, Uninstall Black Marble Orbx Compatibility Patch, Uninstall Black Marble Pack, Uninstall Black Marble Base, Download new builds and install in the following order (note build version number was not incremented!) Install Black Marble Base Install Black Marble Vector / Vector for 3D Bridges Install Black Marble 3D Bridges, only for Orbx users after the above installed, Install Black Marble Orbx Compatibility Patch (same patch applies for Standard Vector and Vector for 3D Bridges!), Install Black Marble 3D Bridges Orbx Compatibility Patch Thank you for your patience and continued support, from Creative Designs Studio Team we hope you Enjoy
  7. i know you're all asking yourself whats the difference... Black Marble Vector Pack and Black Marble Vector for 3D Bridges? first thing first Vector for 3D Bridges pack is only available to those who bought 3D Bridges so they can swap standard vector with Vector for 3D Bridges, in Black Marble 3D Bridges we take the portion of the roads classified as "bridge" and render those to a 3 Dimensional Bridge above ground, the traditional way of rendering the "bridge" part of a roads is to render that "bridge" portion as flat road, this why we see intricate intersections as flat roads in Sim, in standard vector pack we also rendered these "bridge" sections as flat roads (the traditional approach), in vector for 3D Bridges we remove that "bridge" portion of the road completely! to make room for our 3D Bridges so they can sit nice and clean without a flattened "bridge road" below it, just as it in the real world, where there are roads going under; there will be one in Sim that is not a "flattened bridge", to make it even more simple; if you run Vector for 3D Bridges without 3D Bridge pack; you will have holes in the road where bridges go! Here we are looking overlooking KLAX ahead of us in default Sim, Here we are looking at Black Marble Base Here we are looking at Black Marble Base + Vector Pack Here we have Black Marble Base + Vector for 3D Bridges Pack without 3D Bridges Pack (you can see the difference here between the two as a standalone) Here we have Black Marble Base + Vector for 3D Bridges Pack + 3D Bridges Pack Here we are looking at Black Marble Base + Vector Pack + 3D Bridges Pack
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    @tebbs check your PM please!
  10. Access to Support Forum

    Mank thanks Chris.. problem solved after tweaking my configs a bit.. Departure out of OMAA AND TWO ARRIVALS INTO EGLL
  11. lights.... ??

    aahh... i forgot you're with Base only (at the moment! ) you can always take a look at google earth, if you see roads there you can expect BMV to show you those in Sim! Base is limited to existing data; my first thought when i run Black Marble for the first time... it looks fantastic; but without all the roads i wasn't getting the right "light foot print", that spawn Black Marble Vector in the first place, Mastering Base is the right path, you get to master the application even in its simplicity it is still an extremely robust application with profound results, Vector brings in allot more into the mix which can get confusing for some to grasp the full application potential, for you the transition will easier; mountain of data with allot more options; yet you'd still feel right at home,
  12. lights.... ??

    Cheers! Thought that one would get ya!! I firmly believe that if there was a documented road then Vector would have rendered it (using default sim data isn't really a comparison, but as you know, I only have Base)
  13. To Gay Paree with BM Base

    you don't play fair
  14. lights.... ??

    good one Mark i don't believe there are any documented roads out there or we would have rendered them! our process for rendering data is very much blind as of location, we go through the entire globe each time looking for matching features to our filters, it is unlikely you are looking at a public road we missed
  15. I'm disappointed, Chris - no Black Marble here.... Then again, Black Marble only works where there are actual roads! I'll let you and your team off!! Have a look for Station Nord at the north eastern tip of Greenland. It's a pretty desolate place. I have to say Blue Marble works very well - the area near the aircraft is an elongated oval rather than a circle, so the Blue Marble textures are very close at latitudes near the Pole: Cheers!
  16. To Gay Paree with BM Base

    See my new post
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    @tebbs check your PM!
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    please tell me which 3 bgls to be disabled for orbx lights in the scenery world folder
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    you i don't put it for people, they buy support pack with their product and the system automatically sets their access! Ive explained to you before we are working on fixing this issue for those who opted with free 3 months support,
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    I get the error message. Please again for the third time in asking Chris, please put this access on my account
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    Link please to the support forumn
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    posts of technical nature opened under "general discussion (no support)" area were moved to their appropriate location,
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    where is this topic gone Black Marble and ORBX compatibility and Integration
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    I'm also in the same boat I now can't see the posts I've made before. I've been into flightsim since 2001 and I've never seen anything so bloody redicoulus as this
  26. Beta testing 3D Bridges

    All I can say is wow.....
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