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  2. Black Marble...

    and here are Black Marble and Night Environment same location, side by side comparison! on the left (first) is Black Marble, next to it on the right (second) Night Environment,
  3. Black Marble...

    for those of you with Night Environment Packs out there, in case you were wondering what to expect when using NE with Black... below are pics showing NE transitioning to Default Sim; and Black Marble, NE transitioning to Default Sim landclass NE transitioning to Black Marble Base (Without Vector Pack!)
  4. Black Marble...

    we think Black Marble is as froogle as it can be for what it does in regards to memory usage!
  5. Black Marble...

    I'm hoping that BM is easier on the sim than Orbx Vector is with regards to roads. And for those wondering, yes you will be able to see all the roads in daytime with BM so you won't need any of those 4 road selections ticked on in Orbx Vector.
  6. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    Chris, I hope that you will add paypal in time, before your special offer for BM will end. I'll keep my order "pending".
  7. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    Hi Tom for us in the USA PayPal is a nightmare! their policy here is... you must handout full control over your main bank account! i mean they have more control over your personal and business account than you! they can and will block your access to your own account if they don't like something, in Europe this wont fly and they know it, PayPal never implemented this policy for the rest of the world, just for us! (i feel very special!)
  8. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    I was just about to ask you about PayPal support This is for me something like a mandatory feature of the web store.
  9. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    when a transaction is declined for security reason usually it doesn't show up in my regular transactions list! its visible for banks customer service representatives, i urge you again to call customer service on the back of your card and ask why your transaction was declined, they will be able to tell us if its a security block they did (and can lift for you) or if its an issue with our credit card processing side, we are looking into adding PayPal option to our checkout process!
  10. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    I checked and don't see any apparent problem from my end. Maybe possible to use other ways to make payments (paypal or other) for your products?
  11. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    this is not necessarily means that there is something wrong with your card or our service! since our shop is a new shop never before we had any transaction; our business is in California, its possible that these new stats raised a security flags for your banking instituted; a simple phone call to customer service asking why a specific transaction is blocked will usually give you the info you need, maybe they want to be sure no one stole your card; or some ill-advised transaction is not taking place; banks became responsible these days, try calling your customer service and ask; if they don't see our transaction that will be a red flag for me to check with our back end (we use STRIPE)
  12. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    Hi Chris, the error was about a "declined" CC, your system doesn't accept my CC. I use it for all my purchases in internet without any problem.
  13. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    many time its your own CC security settings auto blocking transaction to prevent fraud, make sure no auto lock was activated on your CC account (usually calling my bank i get that info in minutes! and yes it does happen more often than one thinks or like but its better to be safe than sorry)
  14. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    welcome to our forums Cloudius, did you get a specific error number or something i can send our our online director?
  15. I am not able to purchase ...Hmmm

    Hello I'm writing here because I had problems with buying Black Marble base, it is not accepting my CC (but I used the same CC with PMDG products successfully). I sent 2 messages through "contact us" asking help but got no answer. Now my order is "pending".
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  17. Black Marble...

    @Raikky it certain that some elements will be needed to shut off, at this point in time we cannot determine which those are for each end user setup, what is certain is we will figure it out and always make it work; anything thats global will be added as an option to our manager, we add a handful of night related textures and libraries, we also fix few native (inherited) landclass errors, we do not replace any daytime textures or add any, we utilize existing native textures across the board, as a general note: we do not test 3rd party addon compatibility! our base line is always a fresh and clean install!
  18. Black Marble...

    This looks awesome, I just have a few questions. 1. I have Orbx region England. Will black marble compliment this or will I have to turn off certain aspects of Orbx England. 2. I also have Orbx vector. I take it I won't need this anymore or will it be the case I will need to turn certain features off. 3. Does black marble replace any textures like road textures or autogen buildings.
  19. Blue Marble?

    David my email is posted in the post above, please contact me directly! i have sent you email as well, i just sent another one from our support address, please check your spam settings or folder to make sure we are not blocked, also when you see this, please register on this forums as well so you can post as a member, our system will identify your email from shop and place you in group here on forums as well, shop and forums are separate for security reasons, you can use the same email and user name you selected in shop; just make sure you use a different password for forums membership!
  20. Blue Marble?

    Hi Chris, I didn't receive and email from you. I've had alot of trouble in the past getting emails from your site with my as I have nightenviroments. I think my email just doesn't like them for some reason. Rarely, would the email's (password resets,etc.) would make it through to my account and if so it would be days later in my junk mail. Yes, I've checked my junk, spam, etc. no email. Can I change to a different email "" ? I just didn't want to loose my stuff changing email addresses. Thanks, David
  21. Blue Marble?

    please check your primary email for a direct email from me use the same email you used to register in shop to register on forums as well please! shop and forums are separate for security reasons, you can use the same email and user name you selected in shop; just make sure you use a different password for forums membership!
  22. Blue Marble?

    Hi Chris, I'm trying to install Blue marble. I get up through the point of pointing to the P3Dv4 install and then there is a red window saying invalid simulator and it won't proceed. The P3Dv4 install is pointed to correctly and works fine. Not sure what is wrong. I've turned off all virus, malware, etc. Had the registries cleaned, etc. But still get the red stop warning about the invalid simulator for the install. I'm not able to receive emails through web site either. Also, on my order I have 2 years of support. However, when I try to put in a support ticket it says I don't have the option available on my account. My email address is "" and put the order through that. I'm thinking about getting Black marble but I'm not sure if Blue Marble will install. Please help... Thanks, David
  23. Black Marble...

    i will honor our 25% discount for you even if you miss the deadline; which is Aug 2nd at midnight (this excluded the rest of the day on Aug 2nd) or in other words Aug 1st 11:59:59 PM
  24. Black Marble...

    Seeing you are online Chris i have another question The presale discount on BM what day does it end 1st August. I am asking because I want o buy the 2 other addons of Traffic and Bridges but need to buy them next month. The Mrs will go mad to see $140+ on the bank statement for "toys"....her words not mine, so I want o know if I can purchase the next 2 on the 1st Aug at the Presale discount rate. I have already bought Base and Vector. Be kind to me Chris
  25. Black Marble...

    Thank you Mike indeed our customer care is our No. 1 priority, we will continue to do our best serving our community with top of the line products coupled with proper customer service and support!
  26. Black Marble...

    Thank you, Chris. I must say the clarity and speed of helpful responses to all our queries is very impressive; the mark of a vendor who clearly views the concerns of the customer as being their overriding priority. Without doubt, this amazing project deserves to succeed. I found my purchases and their associated licence keys, so all is well 👍 Cheers! Mike 🍺
  27. Black Marble...

    welcome to our forums Mike and Thank you for your much appreciated trust and support in us, our system doesn't send additional email confirming orders, you can always check the status of your order or initiate a ticket and such from Support tab under shop tab you will find all client sub areas where all your purchases will be listed, it seem to me that most of you guys prefer the email confirmation method, we will add this so its less confusing, you should see all your order listed here
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