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  4. Chris Bell

    Different colors in Extended Lights

    welcome to our forums Yonatan this sound like a shader issue, are you running any shader tools?
  5. Hi, I noticed in some of the videos/pictures different light colours when using Extend Lights. For some reason, it seems that all the lights for me are shown with the same color (orange) I'm using P3Dv5.1 and in Extended Lights I use 100% for all and "first class" setting. Any clues anyone?
  6. Roger, thanks for support, i will wait. 馃憤馃徎
  7. not that we know of atm, we will test these changes in the morning, if there is a new tweak we will update existing tweak thread,
  8. Is there another way ??
  9. it seems that in 5.1 light tweak is no longer valid entry!
  10. Roger, will try adding manually.
  11. order has no significant within sections, you can add it anywhere under [graphics锘縘 is fine,
  12. Yes i was looking but couldnt find. I will try adding manually, in any order below [graphics]?
  13. did you try adding it manually? (if you are searching it should read HDR_BLOOM_THRESHOLD=10.500000) just checked it is still there at the top of prepar3d.cfg
  14. I cant find. NIGHT_MAX_EXPOSURE锘=10.00000锘匡豢锘匡豢锘匡豢0. In the cfg after the update
  15. looking good in 5.1 馃憤 only missing v5 light tweak
  16. Chris Bell

    Pre Purchase Questions

    Yes! (they integrate and auto exclude each other seamlessly based on how you choose to set them up)
  17. FBWFTW

    Pre Purchase Questions

    Chris, thanks very much for the answers. I鈥檝e got a few more for you: 1. Can night environment be run separate to black marble? For example-if I just want the areas I fly to most (CA/FL/MA) to have it versus having the global black marble program? 2. What does the 鈥渆xtended lights鈥 package (price is a bit out of reach for me TBH if I were to get the base/vector) get me over just having say the Black Marble base and vector?
  18. Chris Bell

    Pre Purchase Questions

    @FBWFTW Welcome to our forms for the full experience yes you want to own Black Marble Vector Pack. these are false un based rumors spread by none CDS customers, issues that were created were traced to Orbx not any CDS products! you can read about it on their forums here https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/194349-terraincfg-and-where-to-find-it/ yes these are available for v5 https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/shop/product/6-california/ that will heavily depends on the area you fly over, 1:1 side by side vs. other lighting system we will always be 20-30% less VRAM in any given area, Black Marble and Night Environment were initially developed for and within FSX constrictions therefore VRAM footprint are minimal, (images below and in thread are from old FSX but still hold true in P3D) more details on Black Marble thread
  19. FBWFTW

    Pre Purchase Questions

    Hi there, I鈥檝e spent a long time lurking about checking out black marble and the night environment products... I鈥檝e got a few pre purchase questions for the team here. 1. I have Orbx Global/NA/England/Buildings-but NOT the vector as I鈥檝e been told vector creates numerous headaches in P3D V5 (and previous maybe?) for addon airports re: elevation etc etc. With that being said-do I NEED the vector product and if so, does it create elevation issues? 2. My main interest is to make the night lighting better-what products at minimum do I need for this? I usually fly jetBlue routes-Northeast to Southeast/Transcon/California/Nevada to Seattle. 3. Is night environment available for P3D V5? It doesn鈥檛 appear so on the product pages I鈥檝e looked at (US: Mass/Florida/California) 4. How much vram does Black Marble/night environment use? This would be in comparison to my current setup which at heavy use gets up to 6.3/7.1 at very certain airports. Is it REPLACING what is currently there?
  20. welcome to our forums Moath Aerosoft version is not ours, we developed it for Aerosoft they own the right to these titles, the past few years we are publishing under different publisher unrelated to Aerosoft, we developed since new Night Environment line available from our shop
  21. Hello Bell, I bought NE Dubai From Aerosoft in 24/06/2014 i'm stuck with V1.7 there is any chance to get an update to P3D V5 ?
  22. Welcome to our forums Karol please contact shop support here https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/support/ for further assistance,
  23. Hello. Please help me, I have a problem. I purchased "Night Enviroment Poland FSX" and I clicked button "download" but I can't download file because link is not active.
  24. good to see you John we have completed vEarth project! unfortunately few things have happened since that put a damper on releasing, the holdup atm is mainly due to MSFS2020 and general community trends,
  25. Chris, Your prompt checking and assistance has now done the trick!
  26. Chris, how are things progressing with this. July's information was the project was completed, with minor installation routines to address. Some talk of a demo too. More time goes by and more true earth regions are being released over at.... "the other place."
  27. Thank you Will, i will check again,
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