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  1. Yesterday
  2. i fixed it with adding fiber frame time fraction in the cfg i raised it to 0.45 and no more blurries. solved for me thx Chris
  3. Last week
  4. if the update has a negative effect try a clean install maybe? or possibly pull back some settings, not much we can do there atm!
  5. mm negative still blurry especially at night and in heavy clouds still blurries prepar3d v4.1
  6. Is it normal without affinitymask temperatures in the 90's degrees, have to say no blurries without affinitymask but temperatures high for i7 4790k? 95 on 100 full load?
  7. Some shots around Denver

    looking good JJ
  8. OLC NA/Flightbeam KDEN v2/Envshade/REX HD clouds
  9. my new 8600k rig.

    Very nice mate. Glad to see you enjoying your new toy
  10. my new 8600k rig. heres a few more from Milan and Palermo last night Having a good rig makes all the difference
  11. Hi, don't know why, but all of a sudden Steam started installing add-on content today. Still no shortcut to NE Util, but that is something that was easily resolved ;-) Spectacular effect, especially the cars with their beams
  12. my new 8600k rig.

    Very nice tebbs. So what are your PC specs now?
  13. my new 8600k rig.

    looking good Steven
  14. So after 5 years of running a 3770k. I bougth a new 8700k and cranked up the settings.. pictures are black marble and night enivronment Italy in Naples, and night enivronment Spain in Malaga The air canada is climb out from Vancouver. Finally Im a happy man. A very happy Man.
  15. Very nice . Well done. regards Gerard
  16. Using BM Base/Vector/OLC South America + Envtex/Envshade (which also includes additional Night Lighting)
  17. Earlier
  18. Hi Steve, are you not mixing up DTG (FSX, Train Sim) with Valve (Steam)?
  19. Steam and DTG are the same company, Steam is a division of DTG (DoveTail Games)
  20. If only I was so lucky ;-) Submitted a ticket with Steam, but they redirect me to DTG. So now awaiting their reply (hopefully it's better than "contact content creator" ;-) )
  21. Here's my example of NE British Isles:
  22. you should have a shortcut to it on your start menu!
  23. Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I already tried reinstalling, but that did not resolve the problem. So I will contact Steam support. Just out of curiosity: what *is* the normal way to start the config tool?
  24. you need to contact Steam support, they build their installers we have no control over their install process directly! try to uninstall and reinstall again; maybe a little glitch?
  25. Hi, Today I purchased the Benelux night enviroment for Steam. Steam was showing a progress bar and installing something. After a while, it said both Benelux and the tool were installed. Great. Then I had a look at the manual. It said NE does not run by default. One has to start the tool to enable it. But how to start the tool? There is no start menu option in Windows for the tool. I searched my hard disk and found the tool somewhere in a Steam subdir. I doubleclicked on NightEnvironmentX_manager.Steam. It prompted me to download some missing Windows components, which I did. Then I started the program again, but it said: "ERROR: Region folder not found for selected region! RegKey: Creative Design Studios\Night Environment - Benelux - STEAM Filename: < >". However, there is a Steam Benelux Region.nexm file in the Regions folder. Bottom line: the installation is very confusing. Why do I have to start the tool from some obscure subdir? Why can I not start it from the Windows Start menu. And why does it not work? Wopke
  26. I am confused.....

    Thank you Gerard indeed Night Environment works with Photoreal by design and its a state base product line, vs. Black Marble thats designed to seamlessly integrate into sim native landclass and comes as a worldwide coverage product line, Night Environment is visible over native sim landclass and always precedes, in places where you run Photoreal set native sim landclass is blocked and thats where NE comes to play, before Black Marble was developed most our members used NE as their night layer with or without a Photoreal present, now there's another option much less resource intense with worldwide coverage instead of local, these two still have their distinct characteristics when it comes how they display in Sim (they can be made to look seamless when moving from one NE are to a BM area) the most distinct difference is LOD radius between the two system, BM works with sim's LOD controls while NE has a static 60Nm radius at all times,
  27. I am confused.....

    NE = photo scenery BM = landsclass scenery
  28. I am confused.....

    So I guess it all boils down to this. If I buy Black Marble with Vector and the Traffic Pack is there any need to buy NE Florida? Also I have ORBX FTX everything installed for P3dv4.1, will there be any problems? It seems in the forums that those were taken care of.
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